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New openings for graduate medical research

Munich, 09/27/2013

By extending the range of opportunities for doctoral projects, the Munich Medical Research School will improve the career prospects of budding medical researchers.

Photo: rangizzz /
Photo: rangizzz /

The Faculty of Medicine at the LMU is taking a new approach to the doctoral phase of medical education. The newly established Munich Medical Research School (MMRS) will offer a choice of graduate training programs, all leading to the PhD degree. This strategy is expected to enhance international career prospects for young medical researchers, and should also make the LMU’s doctoral program more attractive for medical students from abroad.

The new organizational concept that underlies the design of the MMRS also provides intensive individual supervision for all doctoral students, which will reduce the time required for the completion of the doctoral thesis. “Our PhD programs offer first-class training in medical research. By promoting interactions between students with diverse educational backgrounds from different countries, the MMRS will make a valuable contribution to the international character and global orientation of our Faculty,” says Professor Peter Bartenstein, Chairman of the Board of Graduate Studies in Medicine, Dentistry and Human Biology at the LMU.

In future, all doctoral studies in the Medical Faculty at LMU in the areas of Medicine, Dentistry, Human Biology and the affiliated Biosciences will be carried out under the auspices of the MMRS. “With the Munich Medical Research School, we now have an institution that will ensure that all PhD programs in Medicine at LMU conform to the highest international standards and are comparable to those offered at the best medical schools abroad, as Dr. Alice Edler, Head of the MMRS Administrative Office, points out.

The MMRS currently offers three PhD programs, in International Health, Oral Sciences and Public Health. Moreover, Collaborative Research Centers and Graduate Schools are now authorized to train, and award PhD degrees to students at the MMRS. “The new PhD programs should also encourage top German medical researchers who have made their reputations abroad to return home to continue their careers,” says Professor Michael Hölscher, Chairman of the Medical Faculty’s Board of Graduate Studies and Spokesperson for the PhD program in International Health.

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