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Taste the waste

“Green Visions” season opens

Munich, 03/20/2013

“Green Visions”, an annual season of films on environmental themes organized by the Rachel Carson Center (RCC), opens on 21. March. This year’s theme is Waste.

All five films on the program of the latest edition of “Green Visions” deal with social, economic and biological aspects of waste. After each showing, members of the audience are invited to discuss the movie and its theme with researchers, filmmakers and environmental experts.

The first film scheduled, “Taste the Waste”, takes a closer look at the contents of the garbage containers in which the 10 million tons of food that are thrown away every year in Germany end up. Director Valentin Thurn asks why so much food is squandered and looks at ways of reducing this shocking level of waste.

The other films planned for the Summer Semester are “Into eternity”, which deals with the world’s first long-term repository for nuclear waste in Finland, “Plastic Planet”, “Garbage in the Garden of Eden” and “Waste Land”.

The films will be shown in the Lecture Hall of the Library at the Gasteig. Admittance is free.

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