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LMU student is Disabled Sportswoman of the Year

Munich, 12/04/2013

Anna Schaffelhuber has been named Disabled Sportswoman of the Year for 2013. The LMU law student was chosen from a roster of 13 candidates by popular acclaim.

Foto: Bernd Schönfelder
Foto: Bernd Schönfelder

“I am really delighted to receive such an honor. It is a further motivation for my next goal - to win a gold medal at the Paralympics 2014 in Sochi,” said Schaffelhuber. In February, she took the slalom gold at the World Championships held in La Molina (Spain), and so qualified for inclusion on the list of nominees for the title of “Disabled Sportswoman of the Year 2013.” In fact, this is the second time that such an award has gone to Schaffelhuber. She also came out on top in 2011, after having won no less than three gold medals at the World Championships in Sestriere (Italy) that year.

When Anna Schaffelhuber is not out on the ski slopes, she can probably be found studying. She is now in the fifth semester of her degree course in Law at LMU. “I try to do as much of my course work as I can during the Summer Term, so that I have enough time for skiing later in the year,” she says. “And at the moment, that is working out quite well. This winter I will concentrate fully on getting ready for the Games in Sochi in March.”


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