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Annual Meeting

The diversity of zoological research

Munich, 09/03/2013

This year, the German Zoological Society (DZG) is holding its Annual Meeting at LMU.


The most important zoological conference in Germany this year – the 106th Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society (DZG) – takes place at LMU Munich on 13.-16. September. The list of speakers assembled by the Organizing Committee and leaders of the Society’s Sections includes many nationally and internationally known experts. Some 500 participants are expected to attend.

Great strides are currently being made in diverse areas of zoology, and three of these – evolutionary biology, ecology and neurosciences – are highlighted in a series of public evening lectures to be held in conjunction with the conference. On 13. September, Professor Thomas Bosch (Kiel University) will give a talk on “Das Prinzip Metaorganismus: Mikroben als Partner der Evolution der Tiere” (“The Meta-organism Principle: Microbes as Partners in Animal Evolution”). On the following evening Professor Hans Fricke (Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology and Leibniz-Institute for Ocean Sciences in Kiel will give a lecture entitled “Hallo Korallenriff – Diaspora eines gefährdeten Ökosystems” (“Hello Coral Reef – The Fragmentation of an Endangered Ecosystem”). Professor Michael Brecht (Humboldt University Berlin) will close the series on 16. September 2013. The theme of his talk will be “Soziale Repräsentationen in der Hirnrinde der Ratte” (“Social Representations in the Cerebral Cortex of the Rat”). All three lectures will be given in German.

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