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Audimax redux

München, 10/08/2014

After a 9-month, top-to-bottom renovation, LMU’s Audimax is putting its best foot forward to welcome new and returning students at the start of the new semester.

Photo: Alexander Schweitzer

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Given that the last refurbishment was carried out several decades ago, LMU’s venerable Audimax was certainly in need of an overhaul. In addition, construction of the new Philologicum is set to get underway, and this will entail the loss of a considerable loss of work space elsewhere, with a concomitant increase in traffic in the Main Building during the upcoming semesters. Since the Audimax – like the Main Building itself – is classified as an historical monument, planners were faced with the need to modernize the auditorium in accordance with contemporary requirements while at the same time conserving its intrinsic architectural character. The whole project cost some 3 million euros.

In the course of the renovation campaign, virtually the entire interior was stripped and restored in conformity with modern building codes and the needs of the users it is intended to serve. The work involved the replacement and/or refurbishing of the glazing of the external skylight with its supporting framework, and the walls, ceiling and floor, as well as the seating. The renovation of the roof structures required the erection of a weather-proof hood to enable the work to proceed. The iron framework supporting the external glass panels was badly corroded, but the load-bearing structure itself could be retained, and was carefully modified to meet modern requirements regarding structural stability and fire safety. Damaged panels in the skylight were replaced, and a new lighting system, complete with blackout blinds, was installed. In addition, reflective glass was used for the interior panels to ensure that summertime temperatures are kept within tolerable limits. The old seating was removed and overhauled, and where necessary completely replaced. The ventilation system was modified and optimized, the wiring system was reconditioned and automatic fire-alarms were installed.

The auditorium is now equipped with the very latest in media technology. Platforms have been provided to accommodate wheelchair users, and induction loops and an infrared system have been installed to assist the hearing-impaired.

The project was carried out under the supervision of LMU, the State Office for Planning and Construction (Munich 2) and the architectural practice Koller Singhof.