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B2Run 2014

Lonely? Not these long-distance runners!

München, 07/17/2014

After the University had given the event a miss last year, the B2Run 2014 in Munich‘s Olympia Park, saw more than 500 starters wearing the distinctive LMU singlet line up for the 6-km long distance.

B2Run 2014

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In all, some 30,000 people representing 1500 enterprises and organizations took part, and LMU provided the fifth largest contingent. Andrea Tietz of the Faculty of Languages and Literatures turned in the best performance of the LMU bunch. She was the fifth woman to cross the finish line, with a time of 23 min 59 sec. LMU’s “leading man” was Daniel Dürrschmidt from the Law Faculty, taking 15 seconds longer than Andrea.

The B2Run traditionally draws lots of teams with whimsical names. This year, for instance, the Institute of Immunology was represented by the “IFI Rennmäuse” (Racing Ro(a)dents) while the Unit for Planning, Construction and Facility Management send a team called “Laufende Baumaßnahmen” (Roadworks in Progress, perhaps). As this indicates, sport and smiles were the order of the day. LMU’s participation in the Run was organized by the University’s Intramural Medical Service.