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„Call it Cool Istanbul“

München, 05/21/2014

LMU ethnologists are engaged on a research project that traces the recent striking change in the image of Istanbul, a city which has come to be regarded as “cool”. Part of the project is an interdisciplinary exhibition, which has just opened.

Urban impressions of “cool” Istanbul (Collage: Konrad Bayer)

Globally influential media first referred to Istanbul as a “cool city” – an epithet that is regularly applied to urban centers such as Berlin, Barcelona and New York – in 2005. The perception of a city as cool usually implies that it is already, or will soon become, a popular destination for international tourists. But the term also has wider implications for aspects of urban culture that are not obvious to tourists. The project that Dr. Derya Özkan and her research group are currently pursuing, entitled "From the Oriental to the Cool City. Changing Imaginations of Istanbul, Cultural Production and the Production of Urban Space“, is concerned with these more subtle alterations in the city’s image and the social transformations that underlie them. The project is funded by the DFG, as part of its Emmy Noether Program.

One of the unusual features of the venture is the combination of scholarly investigation and description with artistic modes of expression and presentation. The exhibition “Call it Cool Istanbul” gives visitors an opportunity to construct their own image of Istanbul on the basis of the academic and artistic results of this analysis of the “cool” character of the Turkish metropolis.

Exhibition: Call it Cool Istanbul
30 May – 13 June 2014
PLATFORM, Kistlerhofstr. 70 (Haus 60, 3. Stock), 81379 München

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