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DAAD Prize

Annual award goes to Polish student

Munich, 02/05/2014

LMU student Katarzyna Czaplinska has been chosen to receive this year’s DAAD Prize. The Prize, worth 1,000 euros, is awarded annually to foreign students who have a distinguished record of scholastic achievement and service to the wider community.

A native of Poland, Katarzyna Czaplinska was born in 1982 and attended high school in Stettin. After having taken language courses in German for a year, she enrolled as a student at LMU. According to the jury, the DAAD Prize was conferred on Katarzyna Czaplinska in recognition of her remarkable commitment to the promotion of “a sense of community between people with different national origins and cultural backgrounds”. For example, she guides new students from abroad through the formalities of university registration, and is actively involved in efforts to enhance levels of German-language competence among the children of immigrants.

The Prize will be presented by Prof. Hans van Ess, Vice-President for International Affairs at LMU, at a gathering of all DAAD Fellows on the 5 February 2014.

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