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Doctoral degrees

Is there a doctor in the house?

München, 06/26/2014

No less than 1233 doctoral candidates earned PhD degrees at LMU last year – most of them in the Natural Sciences and in Medicine. But why do so many students aspire to the coveted title?

“The most important thing for me was that I was able to continue my research at the University,” explains Daniela Aschenbrenner, who has been working on her doctoral thesis at LMU’s Institute of Applied Physics for the past three years. “But, of course, it is also an advantage in one’s career. When you have a doctorate, people tend to have more confidence in your ability to get the job done.”

Approximately one-third of all doctorates awarded at LMU go to researchers in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, while graduates in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine account for another third. Especially in the exact sciences, many students regard the PhD as an integral part of their academic training. “I have the impression that the majority of all students of Physics go on to do a doctorate,” says Aschenbrenner. But perhaps, she adds, this also reflects the fact that most doctoral students in Physics are able to find university positions that provide the resources that enable them to finance their doctoral studies.

In the coming weeks, doctoral degrees will be formally conferred on successful candidates in the various Faculties at a series of ceremonies. The Faculty of Law will present degree certificates to its doctoral candidates on its Faculty Day, the 28. June, at 10 o’clock in the Great Aula at LMU. Doctoral students in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will receive theirs on the 12. July, while candidates in the Humanities and Social Sciences will be honored in the Great Aula at 4 o’clock on the afternoon of the 17. July.