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In Memory of the White Rose

Organ Concert and Book Presentation in the Atrium

Munich, 02/11/2014

On 18. February 1943 Sophie and Hans Scholl were arrested in the Atrium in LMU’s Main Building, and were executed in Stadelheim Prison four days later. An organ concert commemorates the prime movers of the White Rose resistance movement.

Sophie SchollOn 18. February 1943 Sophie and Hans Scholl were arrested in the Atrium of the Main Building at LMU. They had been secretly observed while dispersing copies of the last of a series of leaflets protesting against the Nazi regime around the otherwise deserted building. Four days later, the Scholls, together with their friend and comrade Christoph Probst, were executed in Stadelheim Prison. Later that year, three other members of the White Rose resistance group, Professor Kurt Huber, Alexander Schmorell and Willi Graf, would meet the same fate.

An Organ Concert in their memory, and in honor of the group as a whole, will be given in the Atrium on the 71st anniversary of the Scholls’ arrest: On 18. February, Hans Leitner, organist at Munich Cathedral, will perform works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Pachelbel, Joseph Rheinberger and Jean Langlais on the White Rose-Organ. In the course of the concert, Michael Stacheder, Director of the Young Actors’ Ensemble Munich, will read extracts from the interrogation reports cited during the White Rose trials.

The concert begins at 20:00, and admittance is free.

The 14th volume in the series Reihe LMUniversum devoted to the history of LMU also appears on 18. February. Fittingly, this latest volume, which appears under the auspices of the University Archive, documents the history and design of the White Rose Organ.

Related events
A new edition of “Josef Gieles: Studentenbriefe 1939-1942. Widerständiges Denken im Umfeld der Weißen Rose” (Letters of the Student Josef Gieles 1939-1942: Independence of Mind on the Fringes of the White Rose), edited by Professor Heinrich Kanz, will be introduced to the public at a reading to be given in the DenkStätte Weiße Rose (site of the permanent exhibition on the White Rose) in the LMU Atrium on 21. February at 18:00. Admittance is free.


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