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Student Conference

Pop Goes Politics

München, 10/14/2014

Considering a career in academia? If so, it is useful to learn how scientific conferences work, and how to present one’s research to an audience. Contributors to the Student Conference in American Studies at LMU on 17.-18. October will provide examples of the craft.

Student Conference in American Studies

This Conference gives students the chance to do something which is an integral part of life as an academic researcher: presenting one’s own research findings in the form of a paper read at a meeting attended by one’s peers, and discussing the significance of the results with them. “Students from all over Germany have registered for the Student Conference in American Studies,” says LMU student Carmen Dines, who organized the Conference together with Kathrin Winzinger. “The Conference provides an opportunity to discover what scientific presentations involve, and whether a career as a professional academic might appeal to one or not.”

This year‘s Student Conference in American Studies (SCIAS) is concerned with the influence of popular culture on politics. As Dines explains, “We wanted to consider what features Pop and Politics have in common, what distinguishes the two spheres from one another, and how the relationship between them has changed over the past century.” Among the issues on the Conference‘s agenda are the impact of pop music on Barack Obama’s election victory in 2008, the lyrics of songs that deal with economic migration and flight from oppression, and the TV series “Homeland”.

The Student Conference in American Studies (SCIAS 2014) takes place on 17. and 18. October in the LMU’s Amerika-Institut (Room 201), Schellingstrasse 3.