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New Master’s course

Data Science

München, 12/14/2015

The demand for specialists in “big data” is rising in many sectors of the economy. This is the background to the institution of a new Master’s program in Data Science at LMU, which will be concerned with questions such as: “What exactly is done with our data?”

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The new Master’s program in Data Science is the first of its kind in Germany that combines the disciplines of Statistics and Informatics, as Dr. Constanze Schmaling of the Mathematics Institute at LMU explains. The reason for the interdisciplinary orientation of the peogram (which will be given in English) is that competence in Data Science requires knowledge of both the techniques used in the statistical analysis of data and their numerical implementation in digital networks, as well as skills in data management. The new program will focus on ways and means of extracting useful information that is relevant to decision-making from the ever-increasing flood of digital data. Students enrolled in the course will also be taught how to apply their new knowledge and skills to real problems. Participation in a practical module, in Summer Schools and in the learning module on Data Ethics and Data Security will familiarize them with the challenges posed by big data.

The new Master’s program in Data Science, which is financially supported by the Elitenetzwerk Bayern, starts in the Winter Term 2016/17. The Course Coordinators are Professors Göran Kauermann and Professor Andreas Butz (LMU), and the Technical University of Munich, Augsburg University and Mannheim University are partners in the venture.