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International conference

New designs for biological systems

München, 07/23/2015

One of Europe’s largest scientific conferences dedicated to the field of Synthetic Biology takes place at LMU from July 27-29, 2015.

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The methods of the new field of synthetic biology make it possible to modify biological systems in useful ways, and even to redesign them so profoundly that they amount to artificial cell-like systems. At all events, work on these simplified or reconfigured biological modules should lead to a deeper understanding of biological processes, and has broad implications for the future of medicine and biotechnology. One of the largest and most significant European conferences devoted to this burgeoning field takes place at LMU on 27. - 29. July. This will be the second time LMU has hosted the event. Once again, leading international experts will be in attendance at the Biocenter for “Synthetic Biology II”. The participants will present the latest findings and methodological developments, and discuss their applications to medicine and other areas.

The Conference is organized by LMU‘s Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) in association with the new Graduate School in Synthetic Biology, which was set up on the basis of two reviews of the field carried out under the auspices of the CAS Research Focus program. In the first of these, held in 2010, CAS researchers reviewed the state of the art at that time, and developed the outline of their own program in Synthetic Biology. The second Research Focus devoted to the topic, “Synthetic Biology II”, turned its attention to single-cell models and their potential applications to medicine. The point of departure in both cases was that an interdisciplinary approach was required, and that the planned program should initiate and strengthen collaborations between biologists, molecular geneticists, physicists, chemists and biomedical researchers. The upcoming conference marks the end of the CAS Research Focus “Synthetic Biology II” and the launching-pad for the new Graduate School, which will foster further interdisciplinary cooperation in this exciting and promising field. Spokesperson for the Graduate School is Professor Kirsten Jung, who holds the Chair of Microbiology at LMU, and served as coordinator of the two CAS Research Focuses. göd