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Twenty years a-growing

München, 07/01/2015

In 1995, the Students’ Representative Council at LMU organized its first Uni-Sommerfest in the University’s Main Building. The 20th in the series takes place at the same venue on July 3rd.


The average student probably associates LMU’s Main Building with the daily round of lectures and the exigencies of the academic calendar. But on July 3rd, the venerable and imposing edifice metamorphoses into a festival venue – for the 25 bands and solo artistes that the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) has booked for this year’s Uni-Sommerfest. In the course of the evening, these acts will appear onstage at five different locations in the Main Building, while the courtyards will host an Open-Air Disco. This year’s event also features a first in the Festival’s history – bull riding (of the mechanical variety). Every year, the Festival attracts some 6000 visitors, all of them ready to let their hair down and celebrate the joys of being a student. That’s a very respectable turnout, when one considers that such a small group, consisting of the SRC and the aptly named Uni-Sommerfest Working Party, is responsible for getting the whole show on the road. “Every year it’s a real challenge and a new adventure,” says Cornelia Daffner, a member of the SRC. “And putting the program together is always great fun,” she adds

This year, the organizers have arranged for a special, mystery act: We have engaged well-known band specially this 20th Uni-Sommerfest. “I can’t say anything more at this point – we promised the band that it would be a surprise,” says Cornelia. “But there are lots of other bands on the program as well – and the music on offer ranges from acoustic punk to the wistful and sentimental. Not only that, the SRC has managed to hold the price of the beer down to last year’s level. “For a party in Munich, €2.50 is more than a good deal,” Cornelia points out. “It is after all a student festival, and we want to keep it that way.”

Doors open at 19.00 on Friday, July 3rd, and the program gets underway at 20.00. Tickets cost 10 euros and are available from the SRC, from some of the Students’ Councils (Fachschaften) and at the ticket office in front of the Main Building (which is open from 18.00 on the night).

The program can be downloaded from: