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International Conference

Molecular Origins of Life

München, 09/12/2016

How could a motley collection of molecules have given rise to life? This is the central theme of an international conference organized by LMU researchers and the Cluster of Excellence NIM.

mol_260_webThe complex origins of life on Earth can only be understood through the combined efforts of researchers in a wide range of disciplines in the natural sciences. The multifaceted nature of the problem is exemplified by the fact that experts in biophysics, astrophysics, chemistry and other relevant fields will attend an international conference on the “Molecular Origins of Life”, which is being held at the Literaturhaus München on September 15th and 16th to discuss the implications of the latest experimental and theoretical advances. The meeting with 200 participants has been organized by the Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM), a Cluster of Excellence, and by Dieter Braun, Professor of Systems Biophysics at LMU and co-founder of the Origins of Life Initiative Munich (OLIM), a new research network.

“The 25 talks on the program will consider issues such as how the first genetic material might have come into being, how one might go about rebuilding a primordial cell, and the kinds of chemicals that might serve as precursors for the evolution of living systems on other planets,” says Dieter Braun. “We are looking forward to exciting discussions and to hearing about new experiments in various disciplines that could bring us a step closer to solving the mystery of how living systems originate.”

The conference is the first in a planned series of biennial meetings devoted to Experimental Studies of the Emergence of Life, which will be organized by the NIM.