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Lecture series at CAS

Challenges for the sciences

München, 04/25/2016

In the latest lecture series at LMU’s Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), experts in a range of disciplines discuss the challenges currently facing their respective specialties.

cas_cutting_260The lecture series “Cutting Edge” at LMU‘s Center for Advanced Studies takes a look at current challenges in selected fields in science and scholarship. On four evenings during the Summer Term, invited speakers will discuss recent developments in Genetics, Media Sciences and Literary Studies. Specifically, the series will feature issues raised by the latest innovations in gene technology, ask how political crises are reported and reflected in the media, consider the prospects for technological fixes for the problems of feeding the world’s population, and pose the apparently simple question: what is prose? These are issues that challenge the creativity and capacity for innovation of the specialists at the forefront of research. How do they intend to confront them? What does the future hold, seen from the cutting edge?

In the first lecture in the series, to be given on April 27th 2016, deals with how political conflicts and questions of international security are presented in modern communications media. The two speakers, Dr. Sarah Maltby of the University of Sussex and Professor Keren Tennenboim-Weinblatt from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, will focus on the significance of gender in media coverage of conflict situations. As with the other lectures in the series, the title of the first is framed as a question: Conflict, Security and Media: Does Gender Matter? The speakers will be presented and the discussion chaired by Professor Romy Fröhlich of the Institute of Communications and Media Research at LMU.

Subsequent lectures (which will be given in German) are concerned with the questions “Feed the World? Historical Perspectives on and Technological Feasibility of Sustainable Nutrition” (3.5.2016) and “What is Prosa?” (8.6.2016). The final talks in the series on 5.7.2016 tackles the question “Editing the Human Genome with CRISPR? Opportunities and Risks Presented by a Groundbreaking Method.” This last event will be moderated by Professor Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker.

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