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Doctoral Day at LMU

Directions for doctorates

München, 05/20/2016

Do I want to do a doctorate? Should I choose a structured program? And what sort of support can I expect for my thesis work? Answers to these and many related questions will be available on LMU’s Doctoral Day on May 31st.

Source: Jan Greune

When Marie Lechler graduated 2 years ago, she had no idea where she wanted to do postgraduate work, nor what she wanted to work on. All that she was sure of was that she wished to continue doing research and obtain her doctorate. And so she began her search – for a good university, for a fellowship and a thesis supervisor. And she finally decided to apply to the Doctoral Program in the LMU’s Munich Graduate School of Economics. One of the attractions of its structured program for her was that she did not have to select any specific research topic for her thesis in advance. “In Economics it is customary to present a cumulative dissertation based on one’s published work. – That means that I don’t have to work on a single problem. Instead, I can publish a number of papers on different projects, and I can choose the questions I want to explore as I go along,” she explains. This also allows her to continue attending lectures and seminars, and has ample opportunities for interactions with her colleagues in the Graduate School. The Program also provides the necessary financial security – and provides additional funding for field trips directly related to her research. Last year, for instance, Marie visited Namibia to collect data for her project on the economic and political development of the region. The program at the Munich Graduate School of Economics has turned out to be an ideal choice for Marie: “I only stumbled across it by chance – and it was exactly what I was looking for,” she says.

A roadmap for postgraduate studies
In order to help other graduate students find the right route to their doctoral degrees, LMU is holding its first Doctoral Day at the end of this month. “It provides a one-stop shop for students and doctoral candidates in search of information, and acquaints them with the advisory and support services the University offers,” says Dr. Alexandra Stein of LMU’s Graduate Center, who is responsible for coordinating the event. – And it is not addressed solely to those who have already chosen a theme for their doctoral work. “For anyone who is unsure how to go about doing a doctoral dissertation and finding the advice and the financial resources to do so successfully, this is the right address.” On the afternoon of May 31st, service units and networks that provide support of all sorts for doctoral candidates will set out their stalls in LMU’s Main Building. Representatives of the many structured doctoral programs, the LMU Career Center Student und Arbeitsmarkt and the International Office will also be on hand for consultation. For an ever increasing fraction of doctoral students at LMU come from abroad. “Meanwhile, more than 30% of our doctoral students in the Natural Sciences are graduates of foreign universities,” Stein points out. “And the International Office assists them in a variety of ways, by enrolling them in language courses, helping them through registration formalities and organizing a cultural program specifically for international graduate students.”

One of these international graduate students is Antonio Chemotti. Antonio studied in Cremona, and came to the Bavarian capital for the first time courtesy of the Erasmus Exchange Program. He came here to do the research for his Master’s thesis in Musicology because he needed to consult important manuscript sources that are only available in Munich. “I have never gone to a library here and been unable to locate the book I wanted. In such a highly specialized subject as musicology, that is very unusual,” he says. – And that is only one of the reasons why he chose to do his doctorate at LMU. For Antonio it was undoubtedly the right decision: “The opportunity to get to know different methods and approaches was of immeasurable importance for my academic development. It has helped me to view the subject of my own research in a much wider context, and has broadened my scholarly perspectives enormously.”

LMU’s Doctoral Day takes place in the Senate Room and the adjacent area of the Main Building between 2 PM and 6 PM on May 31st. For further information, including the program for the event, see: