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Further ERC grants for LMU

München, 12/16/2016

Two LMU professors are among the winners in the latest round of Consolidator Grants awarded by the European Research Council.

On the right, Professor Katia Parodi; on the left, Professor Burcu Dogramaci (Photo: Simone Scardovelli)

LMU professors Burcu Dogramaci (History of Modern and Contemporary Art) and Katia Parodi (Medical Physics) have each been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant worth up to 2 million euros over 5 years.

Burcu Dogramaci’s research focuses on the relationship between migration and artistic production, and the significance of the artist‘s perspective on society’s perception of the phenomenon of large-scale migrations. Her ERC project METROMED takes a new approach to the history of modern art, viewing it as a product of global cultural interrelations, which was markedly affected by the forced migration of artists, and their responses to political upheavals in the first half of the 20th century. The project will focus on the roles of six great cities, including Istanbul, Bombay (now Mumbai) and Shanghai, as havens and workplaces for émigré artists from Europe.

Katia Parodi’s research centers on the advancement of high-precision image-guided radiation therapy with photons, protons, and heavy ions. The development of new radiation sources and imaging modalities promises to enhance the efficacy of cancer therapy. In her ERC project SIRMIO, she plans to develop a prototype research platform which will enable to investigate more accurately the biological effects of proton beams in animal models. In this way, it should be possible to unravel the complex mechanisms of proton-induced radiation action in tissue, and to determine how these differ from those of the photon beams conventionally used for radiation therapy.

Since the initiation of the program in 2007, the European Research Council has awarded no less than 72 grants to LMU researchers. This means that LMU has won more ERC grants than any other university in Germany. The sole criterion for selection is the level of excellence of the individual proposal and its author. Consolidator Grants are intended to enable young principal investigators to consolidate their teams and continue developing their research careers.

For more information on Burcu Dogramaci’s work, see: Border crossings

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