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Two Proof of Concept Grants go to LMU

München, 10/27/2016

The European Research Council now supports researchers to implement innovative ideas generated in the course of a previously funded ERC project. The LMU professors Jonathan Harrington and Martin Wallraff have each received such an award.

erc_260_webProfessor Jonathan Harrington of LMU‘s Institute for Phonetics and Speech Processing (IPS) and Martin Wallraff, Professor of Ecclesiastical History at LMU, have received generous research funding from the European Research Council (ERC) since 2011 and 2013, each having been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant. Both researchers have now received Proof of Concept Grants (PoC) from the same funding agency to help them to build on the results of their previous projects. The PoC grants are intended to enable research results to be translated into practical tools and applications.

In his ERC project SCATS (Sound Change and the Acquisition of Speech), Jonathan Harrington investigated how languages evolve over the course of time. One of the fruits of his collaboration with Professor Wolfram Ziegler, Head of the Development Group in Clinical Neuropsychology at the IPS, is a web-based program designed to document phonetic data from children and adults. The new ERC grant will enable him to extend and refine the program for use in the automated diagnosis of speech defects.

Historian Martin Wallraff will also use his new ERC grant to turn an idea into a software tool. Martin Wallraff obtained his original Advanced Grant for a project devoted to “Paratexts of the Bible: Analysis and Edition of the Greek Textual Transmission (ParaTexBib)”. His latest goal is to develop an online program that enables the structures of medieval manuscripts to be visualized, with a view to facilitating a broader understanding of their historical context. When ready, the app will be made available not only to professional researchers but also to the wider public.