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New Master‘s program

Media, Management and Digital Technologies

München, 02/25/2016

Many firms are now seeking graduates who have programming skills - and are able to implement ideas. LMU’s new Master’s course in Media, Management and Digital Technologies offers the right blend of informatics and business administration.

Foto: Jan Greune

The new course, which begins in the coming Winter Semester, is designed to produce highly qualified graduates for leadership positions the internet and media industry, as well as for other commercial sectors, which are in the throes of far-reaching change as a results of the ever-increasing pace of digitalization: This is the right choice for students who are either thinking of setting up their own firms in these sectors or are interested in issues related to digital business models in research and development, says Dr. Rahild Neuburger of the Munich School of Management. The interdisciplinary Master’s course offers a novel combination of informatics and business administration, which not only provides its graduates with the requisite technological capabilities, it also equips them with skills in business management.

Practical relevance is a central theme of the new program. In project courses, students will not only learn how to put together a viable and compelling business plan on the basis of the latest theoretical insights and how to go about implementing in practice, they must also develop a prototype version of their product. “Parts of these project courses will be realized in cooperation with commercial firms, but we also intend to give students the freedom to develop their own business plans and their own ideas,” says Simon Chanias from LMU‘s Institute for Business Informatics and New Media. Participants will also be actively involved in ongoing research projects that are underway in the collaborating institutes, which deal with topics ranging from new revenue models to the design of user interfaces.

In our digital age, the role of communications is crucial. To ensure that students enrolled in the MMT program acquire the communications skills required in the classical media, as well as in the internet industry and other sectors of the economy, the new Master‘s course includes a learning module devoted to this topic at LMU‘s Institute for Communications Science and Media Research. Young entrepreneurs and start-ups will also benefit from such specialized knowledge. Nowadays, an interdisciplinary program for computer scientists must include a media-related component, as Professor Hußmann of the Institute for Informatics at LMU explains. “Web-based technologies and the study of man-machine interactions are intimately linked with modern media.”

The Master’s program in Media, Management and Digital Technologies (MMT) is jointly organized by the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics, and begins in the Winter Term 2016/2017. The 2-year program is designed to be completed in 4 terms (120 ECTS credit points). There are no tuition fees. The closing data for applications for the coming Winter Term is the 15th of May. For further information see