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Nature Index 2016

LMU: the only German university in the Top 50

München, 04/25/2016

LMU is the best placed German university in the NATURE Global Index 2016. This is based on an analysis of the publication records of universities and research organizations in 68 of the leading science journals in the world. LMU is the only university in Germany to get into the Top 50 LMU

The Nature Index tables, which record the annual outputs of the world‘s research universities and organizations for the past four years, were published together for the first time today. The Index itself is based on numbers of articles published in a selection of top-tier journals that cover the natural sciences. Author contributions to each publication weighted according to their institutional affiliations, and accredited to the institutions at which the work was done.

In the Nature Global Index 2016, which is based on publications that appeared in the calendar year 2015, LMU is ranked 43rd in the world - the highest slot attained by any of the German contenders. This puts LMU in 7th place among European universities.

Der Nature Index
The top three places in the Nature Global Index 2016 go to Harvard University, Stanford University and the University of Tokyo. In the Country Ranking, Germany is placed 3rd after the US and China.

Nature Index 2016 – academic institutions