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Digital and “analog”

München, 10/18/2016

The LMU curriculum for the new term includes two new Master’s programs on digital matters, and a certificate course in Intercultural Communication that offers a supplementary qualification of interest to students in many fields.

Source: Jan Greune / LMU

Master’s Program in Media, Management and Digital Technologies
This new course is financially supported by funding from the initiative “Digital Campus Bavaria”, a program of innovation set up by the Bavarian State Government, and it focuses on the interface between the worlds of informatics and business. As its name suggests, the central topics of the course are the relentless advance of digitalization in the media sector and its effects on the consumer’s use of media. Its goal is to produce highly qualified graduates for positions in media-related businesses, and it therefore emphasizes the practical element by incorporating project modules organized in cooperation with commercial firms, as well as keeping students abreast of the latest advances in research. The 2-year program gets underway with a class of 12 students (selected from over 90 applicants) and will cooperate closely with the Center for Internet Research and Media Integration (ZIM) at LMU – a collaborative initiative that involves the disciplines of Business Administration, Communications Sciences and Informatics.

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Master’s Program in Data Science
Statistics and the Institute for Informatics, is supported by the Bavarian Elite Network. Its primary objective is to provide students with the skills required to distill salient and useful information from the huge amounts of data being amassed by commercial firms and by public research and administrative organizations. The 12 participants who make up the first year’s intake will also have an opportunity to put these skills into practice. In the course of an individual Practical Module, in regular Summer Schools and in the segment devoted to Data Ethics and Data Security, they will learn at first-hand about the challenges presented by big data. The 2-year program will be taught entirely in English. It is the first such course in Germany to be jointly organized by Departments of Statistics and Informatics. This provides many points of contact with related fields and courses, in particular with the new program on Media, Management and Digital Technologies.

Certificate Course on Intercultural Communication
The third newcomer to the curriculum in the coming Winter Semester is the Intercultural Communication Certificate Program. This course offers a supplementary qualification and should be of interest to Master’s students in all areas who may be thinking of a future career with a multinational company or an international organization, or would like to work with refugees. The course is designed to promote a better understanding of the manifold challenges presented by intercultural differences in multicultural and globalized societies.