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Ironman Hawaii

LMU student passes triple test

München, 11/02/2017

Not many women manage to qualify for the Ironman Hawaii endurance race – the world’s toughest triathlon – and even fewer are able to complete the course. LMU student Stephanie Huber has now joined the ranks of this select band.



The Ironman Hawaii World Championship presents the very best endurance athletes with a unique challenge: The event consists of a 3.8-km swim, followed by a 180-km cycle race, topped by a full marathon of 42 km – back-to-back! And although no fewer than 2400 entrants took part in this year’s triathlon on the Big Island, for much of the course, participants are literally on their own, without the encouragement of an enthusiastic crowd. “It really beats the stuffing out of you,” Stephanie says. Stephanie Huber (22) is one of the few women who have earned the right to take part in her discipline’s premier event. “Qualifying for the Ironman Hawaii is every dedicated triathlete’s greatest ambition, but many female triathletes simply lack the confidence to see it as an attainable goal,” she explains. And having made the cut herself, how was her race? “It went really well, in spite of all the exertion and excitement,” she says. – Not only that, she stayed the distance, completing the three grueling events in a total time of 12 hours. So she has every reason to be proud that her name is now on the list of those who have passed this ultimate test in endurance sports.

Stephanie is studying Romance Languages at LMU, and it is by no means easy for her to cope with the competing demands of her academic and athletic disciplines. “The entry fee for the Ironman Hawaii is extremely high and travelling expenses come on top of that. That’s why I am always on the look-out for sponsors.” But she nevertheless remains fascinated by the sheer variety of demands with which the triathlon format confronts her. “Cycling or running or swimming is too boring for me. I need all three together.”