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München, 02/10/2017

LMU’s new online courses deal with the concepts underlying Competitive Strategy and Organization Design, and give participants the opportunity to contribute to a specific project initiated by a Munich-based start-up.

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What business strategy is the right one for your company? How does one go about designing a pricing policy and optimally organizing production? How does most effectively dovetail personnel management with the company’s overall strategy? LMU’s new online course in “Strategic Organization Design” has the answers to these and many other questions. And this is just one of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that LMU provides for students from many countries around the world.

“Many of the participants in our online courses are based in the USA, India, China and Brazil,” says Anke Schulz, who is at LMU’s Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization, which is responsible for coordinating the new MOOCs. Surveys have shown that these courses are especially popular among working professionals who wish to extend their knowledge in these areas of Business Administration. The new MOOC on Strategic Organization Design, for example, explains how to organize structures and operational procedures in such a way that they actually serve the company‘s strategy. “Because the participants can set their own pace, this course is very popular,” Schulz says. “Many of those who enroll in online courses simply wouldn’t have the time to take a regular university course. But MOOCs make it possible for us to reach these people and many others and infuse them with enthusiasm for Business Studies - and for LMU.”

The new course is part of a combined program intended for those who wish to specialize in Competitive Strategy and Organization Design, and provides participants with a more detailed view of these topics. The course is designed to give learners an understanding of the complexity involved in designing the appropriate form of organization for individual firms. As part of the coursework, students will also contribute to a specific project: They will be asked to help a start-up based in Munich to develop business strategies related to the “Industrial Internet of Things.”

In addition to Strategic Organization Design and the special program in Competitive Strategy and Organization Design, the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization has come up with an innovative learning format in which students are admitted to the “Research Kitchen”. Here, the latest findings relating to Competitive Strategy, Advanced Competitive Strategy and Strategic Organization Design are presented and explained on the whiteboard. The new format is intended to further stimulate participants’ interest in current research in Business Administration.

LMU has been providing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as a novel form of collaborative learning on the Coursera platform since 2103. In response to the level of demand, two of these MOOCs are also available in Chinese. The seminars are open to all those interested in the relevant field and are accessible worldwide – admission is open and free of charge.