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China Academic Network

Beijing hosts Scientific Forum

München, 11/21/2018

Some 150 researchers from China’s leading universities and from LMU will attend the 4th annual Scientific Forum organized by the LMU ‒ China Academic Network at Peking University. This year’s conference covers a wide range of disciplines under the motto “Translation and Interaction“.


The LMU Scientific Forum is held in Germany and in China in alternate years, and – for the first time – Peking University (PKU) is hosting the event. “We are proud and happy that Peking University, one of the best and most highly regarded of all Chinese universities, has agreed to hold the 4th LMU Scientific Forum. For LMU, China is a strategically important partner, and we intend to intensify our cooperation with its leading universities in the coming years,” says Professor Hans van Ess, LMU’s Vice-President for International Affairs.

One session will be held by LMU’s Professor Christof Mauch, Director of the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC), with a particular interest in the history of the environment, and his colleague and research partner Maohong Bao, Professor of Environmental History at PKU. This also reflects the fact that, among other themes, the conference will feature presentations on aspects of environmental conservation in China, viewed from historical and global perspectives. Other sessions will deal research issues in the areas of pharmacology, brain research and other fields of medicine

The LMU ‒ China Academic Network was established in 2015 and now includes 10 of China’s most renowned universities, all of which are located in and around Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The Annual Scientific Forum is an important element of the network’s structure. The Forum not only serves to generate ideas for collaborative ventures in research and teaching, it also helps to nurture and extend existing contacts and interactions. For example, immediately after this year’s Scientific Forum, representatives of LMU and Peking University (Renmin University) will sign a Declaration of Intent which commits the two institutions to contributing up to 10,000 euros annually each to a common fund for collaborative research.