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DAAD Prize

Student and intercultural mediator

München, 12/04/2019

Samh Yousef is shown here with Professor Oliver Jahraus, LMU Vice-President for Teaching and Studies, at the prize-giving ceremony.

LMU student Samh Yousef has been awarded this year’s DAAD Prize. The award, which is sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and is worth 1000 euros, is awarded annually to international students at German universities who, in addition to an excellent academic record, have made a noteworthy contribution to intercultural relations or other forms of social work in the wider community. Samh himself has successfully passed through the challenging process of linguistic and intercultural integration. He is studying German as a Foreign Language (DAF) and is now in his third semester. He is also directly involved in social work in various capacities. “I want to help people who are no longer in a position to help themselves,” he says. Among other activities, he writes articles for NeuLand (a Munich newspaper made by and for refugees) and does voluntary work as an intercultural mediator for BrückenBauen (a local organization that helps migrants to integrate), and makes good use of his knowledge of languages (Arabic, Persian, English and German) as a translator for TranslAid. Samh grew up in Syria, and members of his family still live there.