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Freigeist Fellows at LMU

München, 09/04/2019

Dr. Alessandro Rippa and Dr. Robert Kramm have received ‘Freigeist’ Fellowships from the Volkswagen Foundation. These 5-year grants go to researchers whose project proposals transcend the boundaries between established subject areas.

kramm_130_webDr. Robert Kramm is a historian at the University of Hong Kong. He will join the Faculty of History and the Arts at LMU to carry out his Freigeist project entitled “Radical Utopian Communities: Global Histories from the Margins, 1900-1950”. The study will focus on radical communes in the non-Western world that developed and propagated utopian ideas, both political and religious, during the first half of the 20th century. Kramm will investigate the influence of, and interactions between these groups on a global scale, as a prototypical instance of the mobility and interdependence of cultural and political programs in the early 20th century.

rippa_130_webDr. Alessandro Rippa, who is currently working at the University of Tallinn University in Estonia, is a Research Associate in the group now engaged in a project devoted to the topic “Remoteness and Connectivity: Highland Asia in the World”, in the Institute of Ethnology at LMU. The regional foci of his own research interests include China, Pakistan and Myanmar. His Freigeist project, entitled “Environing Infrastructure: Communities, Ecologies and China's Green Development in Contemporary Southeast Asia” will examine the environmental impacts on China’s neighbors in Southeast Asia of the infrastructure projects being carried out in the context of the country’s Belt and Road Initiative. The project will be based at the Rachel Carson Center and start in September 2020.

Dr. Alessandro Rippa and Dr. Robert Kramm are among the nine researchers in various disciplines who have been selected to receive Freigeist Fellowships by the Volkswagen Foundation in 2019.

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