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LMU’s New Institute: Overlooking the English Garden

LMU’s new Nano-Institute located on Königinstrasse will be officially opened today. Its research staff will seek novel ways of exploiting the unique properties of nanomaterials to enhance the efficiency of energy generation and storage.



Energy Research
Catalyst of Synergies
For years, Jochen Feldmann has been a tireless advocate for the new Nano-Institute. In the following interview, he ex-plains the philosophy behind it and talks about the new oppor-tunities it provides for his own research.

Professor Maier

Research at the Nano-Institute
Light under Control
Stefan Maier studies the interactions of light with matter on nanometer scales. His ultimate aim is to boost the efficiency of energy conversion by optimizing quantum processes with the aid of delicately crafted nanostructures.

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The Versatility of Light                                The Manipulation of Light