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Lecture period in the summer semester 2020 and the winter semester 2020/21
The lecture period will start on April 20, 2020. The end of the lecture period has been postponed by two weeks to August 7, 2020, in order to be able to hold courses up to this date if required. You will receive further information from your contact persons in your respective faculty.
The lecture period in the winter semester 2020/21 is expected to start on November 02, 2020, with exceptions for students of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy in upper semesters. The final regulation is currently being prepared by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.


In accordance with §19 of the Sixth Bavarian Infection Control Ordinance,in-person instruction cannot take place at all Bavarian universities for the time being. Therefore, until further notice, courses at LMU will only be offered online. The faculties and subjects are supported in order to provide you with the best possible range of courses online. Exceptions to this rule are practical courses that require special laboratory or work rooms at the universities whereby the Guidelines for the Implementation of the Second Bavarian Infection Control Measures Ordinance at Bavarian Universities (in German) in conjunction with the Supplementary Regulations of LMU (in German) must be observed. 

For our teaching staff, LMU provides cumulated information on the broad range of technical possibilities for online teaching at This offer of help and support services takes up as well as complements already existing offers in the faculties. Please note that the site can only be accessed with a corresponding LMU user ID.

Upcoming Exams

In accordance with §15 of the Sixth Bavarian Infection Control Ordinance, in-person university examinations are permitted in exceptional circumstances whereby the Guidelines for the Implementation of the Second Bavarian Infection Control Measures Ordinance at Bavarian Universities (in German) in conjunction with the Supplementary Regulations of LMU (in German) must be observed. The responsible head of the faculty (dean) or central scientific or non-scientific institution must give written approval for the implementation of such examinations in every individual case. A strict standard is to be applied in the approval process. Each measure must be reported to the University Executive Board at least five working days before implementation via the e-mail address Compliance with the infection prevention regulations must be documented. The University Executive Board may prohibit planned measures in individual cases. Your contact persons in the departments, faculties and examination offices will inform you whether, when, and under which conditions such examinations take place at LMU.

In general, examinations taken in the summer semester do count, and all students are strongly advised to take the examinations which are offered in order to avoid any delay in the progress of their studies. We are currently investigating alternative forms of examinations and the conditions under which they can be held.
You will receive all relevant information on the examinations in good time from your contact persons in the subjects and faculties. The Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences and the Arts has announced that it intends to introduce a regulation according to which the regular dates and periods of study tied to the number of („Regelstudienzeit“, „Fachsemesterzahl“) are automatically postponed or extended.

For our teaching staff, LMU provides information on online exams at Please note that the site can only be accessed with a corresponding LMU user ID.

The organisation of state examinations (“Staatsexamen”) is not the responsibility of LMU, but of the respective state ministries. Therefore, please refer to the websites of the responsible ministry or the examination office they have appointed, for example:

    • „Landesjustizprüfungamt“ for the „Juristischen Staatsprüfungen“: here.
    • „Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Unterricht und Kultus“ for the „Staatsprüfungen für ein Lehramt an öffentlichen Schulen“: here
    • „Regierung von Oberbayern“ via the Examination Office for Medicine of LMU for the state examinations in medicine: here.

Availability of central services (libraries, International Office, Student Office, etc.)

LMU’s libraries will be partially opened step-by-step to the public starting July 8th, 2020. All userss will continue to have access to lending operations and digital services. In addition, scanning services have been expanded. Please inform yourself on the website of the University Library.

Likewise, all other central services (Student Office, International Office) are closed to the public until further notice. You can find further information and contact information on the Student Office website. For all questions concerning studies, you can contact the central student counselling (“Zentrale Studienberatung”). You can find further information for Erasmus-students and the admission of international students on the website of the International Office. You can find information on using public transportation with a non-validated LMU card on the website of the MVV.

In general, the Federal Ministry of Education is responsible for BAföG regulations. You can find more information here.

In a letter from the Bavarian State Ministry for Sciences and the Arts from April 2, 2020, it is stated that, according to the current legal situation concerning BAföG and when teaching is conducted via online offers to the same extent as the usual teaching, students who receive BAföG benefits are obliged to make use of these offers according to their possibilities and in this way actually continue their education. Nevertheless, the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) has agreed that students who, due to the crisis, are unable to make any or not complete progress as a result of the Corona Pandemic and the resulting limited range of courses should not, in principle, suffer any disadvantages with regard to regulations (e.g. standard periods of study, “Regelstudienzeit”). In this respect, the Länder will work together with the Federal Government to ensure that flexible regulations are found for BAföG, child benefit, health insurance, etc. that take into account the realities of student life in the current situation.

Events and meetings at LMU
All events which are not directly work-related meetings (e.g. conferences, symposia, etc.) which require the personal presence of participants will be prohibited until further notice, regardless of the number of participants, and must therefore be cancelled immediately by the organising LMU institutions. The only exceptions to this rule are those events the realization of which is indispensable and cannot be postponed according to strict criteria, e.g. for legal reasons. For such events the Guidelines for the Implementation of the Second Bavarian Infection Control Measures Ordinance at Bavarian Universities (in German) in conjunction with the Supplementary Regulations of LMU (in German) apply analogously. 

Sick persons, especially those with symptoms of respiratory disease or with unspecific general symptoms, are not allowed to participate in events. The same applies to persons who have been in contact with persons with COVID-19 within the last 14 days (contact persons of cat. I and II). In addition, all risk exclusion measures must be documented.

Furthermore, all members of LMU are strongly recommended to make prudent and restrained decisions regarding participation in events outside of LMU.

Psychological and pastoral counseling

For psychological and/or pastoral counseling, you may contact the following institutions:

Further Questions
If you have any further questions, please consult the websites of the individual institutions first and get in touch directly with the respective contact persons:

  • If you have any questions regarding the administration of your studies (enrolment, re-registration, etc.), please contact the Student Office.
  • If you have any questions concerning libraries, please contact the respective subject library, the University Library or the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.
  • If you have questions regarding upcoming exams, final papers, homework, etc., please contact the respective lecturer and the responsible examination office.
  • If you have any questions regarding the performance of work or continued payment of wages, please contact your direct superior or your immediate supervisor, your faculty or department or the person responsible for you in the LMU Human Resources Department.

If you have any additional questions, please contact:


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