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Fluctuations clear the way

02/15/2019 | Solid-state catalysis

Fluctuations clear the way

LMU chemists have identified a mechanism that allows molecules to diffuse rapidly on the already crowded surface of a solid-state catalyst – an important capability, especially for efficient catalysis under industrial conditions.

Larger datasets unravel deep roots

02/07/2019 | Evolution

Larger datasets unravel deep roots

Comparative genome content analyses provide insight into the early evolution of animals. A novel method that permits the use of larger datasets in such studies yields results that are consistent with classical views of animal phylogeny.

Facing up to inconvenient truths Foto: Lulu Berlu /

01/30/2019 | Environmental journalism

Facing up to inconvenient truths

LMU historian Simone Müller talks about the emergence and significance of environmental journalism – and the conference on “Writing for Change” at the Center for Advanced Studies.

Identification of a central regulator

01/28/2019 | Inflammatory processes

Identification of a central regulator

A new study by LMU researchers shows that the protein ApoE plays a key role in the pathogenesis of diseases associated with chronic inflammation, and identifies a new target for therapeutic strategies against atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Overshooting the mark Foto: abhijith3747 /

01/28/2019 | Myocarditis

Overshooting the mark

An LMU team has shown that a protein called midkine, a member of the class of signaling molecules known as cytokines, is a key driver of inflammation in the heart muscle that can lead to heart failure in patients with myocarditis.

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