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Epilepsy gene identified in dogs Foto: monica /

02/21/2017 | Veterinary medicine

Epilepsy gene identified in dogs

Many breeds of dogs are prone to epileptic seizures. Veterinary neurologists and geneticists have now localized the mutation responsible for a specific form of epilepsy in Rhodesian ridgebacks.

Hairpins help each other out Grafik: rost9 /

02/16/2017 | Prebiotic evolution

Hairpins help each other out

The evolution of cells and organisms is thought to have been preceded by a phase in which informational molecules like DNA could be replicated selectively. New work shows that hairpin structures make particularly effective DNA replicators.

Life support for precursor cells Foto: heitipaves /

02/09/2017 | Developmental biology

Life support for precursor cells

Programmed cell death is an integral part of embryonic development. Exploring the regulation of the process, LMU researchers have shown that so-called microRNAs protect the precursors of neurons from ‘precocious’ elimination.

For readers, print has priority

02/08/2017 | Media research

For readers, print has priority

Readers of newspapers prefer -- paper. In relation to the time they devote to their favorite papers, the digital editions play only a marginal role. This is the rather surprising result of a study of British papers by LMU’s Neil Thurman.

Finding the fun in maths Foto: Contrastwerkstatt /

02/08/2017 | Educational psychology

Finding the fun in maths

New work by LMU researchers on students' emotional attitudes to mathematics confirms that positive emotions and success at learning in math mutually reinforce each other.

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