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On the way to quantum networks

01/24/2020 | Quantum physics

On the way to quantum networks

Physicists at LMU, together with colleagues at Saarland University, have successfully demonstrated the transport of an entangled state between an atom and a photon via an optic fiber over a distance of up to 20 km – thus setting a new record.

“We’ll be in later” Foto: vectorfusionart / AdobeStock

12/19/2019 | Chronobiology

“We’ll be in later”

Students attending a high school in Germany can decide whether to begin the schoolday at the normal early time or an hour later. According to LMU chronobiologists, the measure has had a positive effect on both their sleep and learning experience.

Mother cells as organelle donors

09/13/2019 | Parasitology

Mother cells as organelle donors

Microbiologists at LMU and UoG have discovered a recycling process in the eukaryotic parasite Toxoplasma gondii that plays a vital role in the organism’s unusual mode of reproduction.

Stretching proteins with magnetic tweezers

09/04/2019 | Biophysics

Stretching proteins with magnetic tweezers

Physicists at LMU have developed a highly sensitive method for measuring the mechanical stability of protein conformations, and used it to monitor the early steps in the formation of blood clots.

Opening the hatch to heal the break

09/03/2019 | DNA repair

Opening the hatch to heal the break

LMU researchers have determined the structure of a key enzyme complex that is involved in DNA repair, and traced the cycle of conformational changes that it undergoes while performing its biochemical function.

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