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Conditions of use for photographs supplied by Communications and Media Relations of LMU Munich

1. Use of photographs (photographic originals and other material from LMU Munich Press Office) is permitted only for press purposes within the scope of reporting about LMU Munich, and is free of charge. News agencies may only pass on duplicates for press purposes when they include the statement that the photograph is available free of charge from the LMU Munich Press Office. Other uses are only possible in justified cases with the prior written permission of the Press Office. 

2. Photographs appearing in published material must specify "Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München" as the photo source. A proof copy must be sent free of charge to the Press Office. 

3. Use of photographs beyond the scope outlined in Section 1, particularly for commercial or advertising purposes, is prohibited. If the situation concerning use for press purposes is unclear, the Press Office must be consulted prior to publication.

4. Duplication of photographs beyond the scope outlined in Section 1 is prohibited. This also applies to all types of digital reproduction and to all types of digital storage media.

5. Distribution of photographs to third parties is prohibited unless prior written approval is obtained from the Press Office.

6. In the event of unauthorized use of photographs LMU Munich reserves the right to file claims for compensation.

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