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The year in review

Farewell 2012. Come in, 2013!

LMU casts a backward glance on an eventful year, and wishes you all a successful start to 2013.

Fundraising Practical

“Fine Art for Brave Hearts”

As part of a regular practical course in digital photography, students of Media Informatics at LMU were asked to put the Munich rapid transit system “in the picture”. The best photos were then auctioned for charity.

Excellence Initiative: Phase II

New funding mechanisms in LMUexcellent

In the Second Phase of the Excellence Initiative over €50 M was allotted to LMU’s Institutional Strategy. As a first step, two funding instruments created to boost first-rate research and promote young talents are now open.

Green gene technology

Experimenting on nature – a debate

The role of gene technology in agriculture is the subject of passionate debate. In a CAS Research Focus, various experts, such as plant biologist Jürgen Soll and sociologist Bernhard Gill, sought common ground.

Prestigious research award

Lessons from Linda

“Simply collecting butterflies is boring,” says Stephan Hartmann, Humboldt Professor and Chair of Philosophy of Science at LMU. Instead, Hartmann uses mathematical models to bring the airy flights of analytical philosophy back down to earth.

World Diabetes Day

Diabetes and Early nutrition

The incidence of Type-2 diabetes continues to rise, especially among young people. Nutritional factors play a significant role in promoting development of the disease. LMU’s Berthold Koletzko is exploring ways to combat the epidemic.

25 years of Erasmus

Studying (in) Europe

The Erasmus Student Exchange Program is 25 years old, and has enabled over 400,000 German students to study abroad. No. 400000 was LMU student Dilber Öztürk, who learned that the Erasmus experience gives one much more than ECTS points.

Forecasting politics

Obama still in front

How can one reliably predict the outcome of an election? A new research focus at LMU’s Center for Advanced Studies reviews forecasting methods – and their predictions for the 2012 presidential election in the US.

Daylight-saving time

Night flight from Marrakech back home

Daylight-saving time ends on 28 October. LMU chronobiologist Till Roenneberg explains how the annual shift back and forth perturbs our internal circadian clock, and suggests how best to adapt to the changes.

Semester start

Ready, steady, study

There is such a hum and hurry about LMU these days. Corridors are crowded, young people swirl around the doors of lecture halls and congregate in swarms near notice-boards. A new semester is upon us...

Economic sociology

“Readers trust other readers”

What makes a bestseller? Publishers gathering in Frankfurt for this year’s Book Fair would love to know the answer. LMU’s Marc Keuschnigg has teased out some of the factors behind the concentrations of consumer demand that give rise to bestsellers.

The U-Kino at 10

“Different is better”

For the past 10 years, on every Wednesday during term, lecture hall B201 has been turned into a cinema, the U-Kino. Its popularity has grown, but it retains a unique flair – and has more than films to offer.

Dementia research

“Time is running out”

In Germany alone, almost one million people already suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and there is little sign that an effective treatment is near at hand. On World Alzheimer’s Day, LMU biochemist Christian Haass assesses the prospects for progress.

LMU alumnus engages in foreign aid

An Eye for Africa

Volker Klauß studied and taught ophthalmology at LMU – and worked in Kenya, treating patients and training eye specialists. His dedication to his profession has sustained a 34-year partnership between LMU and Nairobi University.

Paralympics 2012

LMU medical student wins Gold

LMU actively supports top-level sports, helping students to stay in training and improve their performance during their studies - and wishes them well when, like Johanna Welin in London, they go for the gold.


Brightening up the Atrium

The plaster is crumbling, the dome leaks, the wiring is out of date and the interior has taken on a dull, gray air. The Main Building at LMU badly needs freshening up, and some urgent structural repairs.

Mentoring at LMU

Career appointments

Growing up without his father Odysseus, Telemachos owed much to his guardian Mentor – an inspiring tutor, advisor and confidant. Students who take part in the many mentoring programs on offer at LMU will also profit from good counsel.

Siegfried Kracauer’s Collected Works

Unified at last

Journalist, critic, sociologist: Siegfried Kracauer was one of the leading intellectuals in the Weimar Republic, and among those later forced into exile. LMU‘s Inka Mülder-Bach has reassembled his multifaceted oeuvre.

Children’s university

Coping with LMU’s livewires

Munich’s day-care centers struggle to meet the demand for child care in the city. LMU does much to remedy this situation by creating family-friendly working conditions for its staff members and students.

Call for contributions

Pulling out all the stops – for a new organ

The Atrium of the Main Building houses not only busts, mosaics and reliefs, but also the White Rose Organ. The instrument is now in need of restoration, and an appeal for donations has been launched.

Interview with Hildegard Hamm-Brücher

“Freedom is something precious”

At the age of 91, Hildegard Hamm-Brücher, LMU graduate and Grande Dame of liberalism in Germany, remains committed to advancing democracy. Indeed, she played an active role in much of what today’s students of modern history find in their textbooks.

Synthetic biology

Probing the limits of the living world

Synthetic biology sets out to define the limits that separate living from non-living matter. Currently one of the most active research areas in the biosciences, it has found a home at LMU.

Getting off to a good start

For a new best buddy, check this box here

Meant to be a source of convenience for foreign students and a fast track to life at the University and in Munich, it turns out that LMU’s Buddy Program is providing something more valuable – enduring friendships.

Energy efficiency

How green is LMU?

Sustainability is an international theme in 2012. Since last year LMU has met all of its energy needs from renewable sources, so that side of the equation works. What about the other – energy efficiency?

Unexpected find in LMU Library

Rare map related to America‘s “birth certificate”

The American continent was “christened” by the cartographer Martin Waldseemüller. A previously unknown variant of the famous world map has unexpectedly turned up in the University Library in Munich.


LMU embarks on its 55th decade

LMU has had a place in the history of scholarship for 540 years. Every June, the University recalls and celebrates its foundation – in Munich, of course – although its story began elsewhere.

Final in the Excellence Initiative

LMU Munich wins all round

LMU Munich is tops! In the Second Phase of the Excellence Initiative all LMU proposals – for four new Graduate Schools, four Clusters and the Institutional Strategy – were chosen for funding.

Summer University

Another international summer begins at LMU

June has come around again, and courses at LMU‘s Munich International Summer University (MISU) are getting underway. This year, LMU will welcome some 500 participants from 80 countries.

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