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Open Day at LMU

What should I study?

Munich, 01/25/2013

LMU offers a vast range of courses, which doesn’t make choosing any easier. But you can find out all you need to know about doing a degree there, and get a feel for the atmosphere and flair of a big university, by attending Open Day on 2. February.


According to the Higher Education Compass, German universities are now offering more degree courses than ever before. However, for many people, this makes choosing the right one more, rather than less, difficult. – But there is help at hand. LMU’s Undergraduate Open Day enables prospective students to focus the search for the ideal program by offering them, and all other visitors, detailed information concerning all aspects of studying at LMU. “Open Day is an invaluable guide for young people who wish to find their bearings in the world of third-level education after graduating from school,” says Christiane Mateus, Deputy Head of the Central Student Advisory Office. The event gives attendees a unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with the spectrum of subjects and courses available, to ask questions, and to meet others who have the same questions on their minds. And, best of all, this can all be done in one place and on one day.” Whether you already have a fairly clear idea of what you intend to study or would just like to test the waters, all of the information on offer is accessible to everyone, and there is plenty of it. – No wonder LMU receives thousands of visitors on this one day every year!

From Archaeology to Zoology
The whole event is centered around what the attendees themselves are interested in and want to know more about. Here one has the chance to find out everything one wishes to know about taking a degree at LMU. Information on more than 70 courses of study is available. “This is what makes up the core of the Undergraduate Open Day. Regardless of what you are interested in, you can find out more about it here,” says Tobias Herrmann, a current LMU student and an old hand at Open Day. This is the third time he has helped to organize the event.

Lectures present introductions to the diverse degree courses on offer, and they answer the crucial questions: What? How? Why? What does this course deal with? How does one study the subject? – And, of course: Why should one want to study this subject? What career prospects does it open up? At the stands set up by the various Faculties, visitors can speak to lecturers, and their students. “The informal and unscheduled conversations give Open Day a personal touch,” Herrmann says. “And this year the stands are located in the lecture halls, not in the corridors outside. This makes the whole thing much less like a fair.”

In addition to information on degree courses, prospective students will find booths where they can obtain information about useful supplementary courses - on how to get oneself organized and how to integrate the demands of a university course with the rest of one’s everyday life, for example. And if you are thinking of learning a new language on the side, LMU’s Language Center can advise you on how to go about it. You can also get a taste of university lectures on Open Day. Future geographers can try “From Chicago to Los Angeles: A Stroll Though Urban Geography”, budding biologists will go for one on “Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Adaptation to Stress”.

Getting a feel for university studies
“Information is only one part of the day,” says Christiane Mateus. “Our guests can also get a feel for what it is like to study here. The sheer size of the University, the crowded corridors, all that is part of LMU, and it will no doubt be a novel experience for many of our visitors.” Indeed, with its packed program, and crowds searching for the right lecture theater, or just looking for a quiet spot in which to reflect on what they have learned, Undergraduate Open Day is not very different from what every first-year student experiences on the opening day of a new semester. But that’s nothing to worry about. Thanks to the new P2P Mentoring Program, new arrivals at LMU are now taken in hand by older students who already know their way around. - And Christiane Mateus has no doubt that, on this year’s Open Day too, everything will work out as planned.


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