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Social Ethics

Questioning the system

“Market-based regulation cannot protect the interests of the weak,” says Markus Vogt, Professor of Social Ethics at LMU. Here he considers the implications of globalization and climate change, and explores ways of reducing inequality.

Annual Review 2014

LMU’s year in pictures

2014 saw an LMU student become the most successful athlete at the Winter Paralympics, the unveiling of the winning design for the Philologicum, a place in the Top 30 for LMU in the Times Higher Education’s World University Ranking – and much more...

DAAD Prize

Rising to the (next) challenge

Young people today are often seen as self-centered and apathetic, but these epithets certainly do not apply to Tanzeem Haque. Lots of things annoy her, and this motivates her to take action in very diverse areas.

The future of work

Seldom offline, always on a leash

The relentless advance of digitalization is altering the contours of our working lives. Will digital piecework soon dominate the job market? Here, LMU economist Professor Arnold Picot discusses the role of digitalization in shaping tomorrow’s world.

Cooks on Campus

Neele‘s Christmas Roundtable

The Christkindl markets in Munich are already in business, Advent has just begun – and Neele, our latest Cook on Campus, is about to introduce the members of her regular German-Indian roundtable to the joys of homemade Christmas cookies.

Crowd investing

“For many, yields are a welcome bonus”

Private investors can now finance start-up firms via online platforms. LMU economist Lars Hornuf discusses crowd investing, a subclass of crowdfunding specifically for start-up firms, which has rapidly established itself in Germany.

The Lyrik Kabinett at 25

Showcase for poetry

Poetry need not always be enjoyed in solitude. The Lyrik Kabinett, which began life 25 years ago, is a place where poetry-lovers can come together to share their enthusiasm for verse – in the second largest library in Europe devoted solely to lyric poetry.

Veterinary medicine

PferD3: A virtual guide to the horse

Students of veterinary medicine at LMU have developed a suite of educational software that helps trainee vets to learn the ins-and-outs of equine anatomy. The new program will be introduced to the public at the 14. Munich Science Days.

LMU and migrants – and vice versa

Fleeing for broader horizons

The number of people who have fled their homes is now higher than at any time since World War II. More and more students and academics wish to become involved in helping these unfortunate victims.

Time management

Making and taking time

Planning for the long term, scheduling breaks, setting limits: Dr. Silke Weisweiler of LMU’s Center for Leadership and People Management explains how to optimally organize learning and work.

Anatomical Institute

Modernist landmark sensitively remodeled

LMU’s Institute of Anatomy resides in the first edifice in Europe to be made entirely of reinforced concrete. Built in the years 1905-1907, it is now being renovated, and has won the Bavarian Gold Medal for Heritage Conservation.

Bárðarbunga volcano

Scenes from a devil’s kitchen

The current phase of activity at the Icelandic volcano Bárðarbunga continues: Since the end of August lava has been intermittently spurting from a surface fissure. Members of the LMU IsViews Project were on the scene within hours to document the event.

Oktoberfest 2014

Fall Carnival

What explains the global appeal of the Oktoberfest? LMU ethnologist Simone Egger and economist Manfred Schwaiger explore the grounds for the unique status of the Wiesn, as the event is known locally.

Veterinary centenary

Caring for creatures great and small

LMU’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine celebrates its 100th birthday next month. Its incorporation was the culmination of a long struggle for academic acceptance.

LMU-UC Berkeley Research Program

UCB’s open door to visiting professorship is perfect timing

Berkeley professors have been conducting research at LMU in a special Humanities program since 2007. The program began to flow in both directions earlier this year, sending its first LMU professor west to California.

New Surgery Center in Grosshadern

A core component of high-end medicine

The new Surgery Center in Grosshadern opens on 1. September. The Center accommodates all surgical specialties under one roof, and is equipped with the very latest in medical technology.

New Series

Cooks on Campus

When you get home after a day filled with lectures, do you just shove the frozen pizza in the oven? In our new series “Cooks on Campus”, international students suggest much more exotic and tasty alternatives, as they share their favorite recipes.

"Worlds of Journalism"

Under the eye of the Fourth Estate

Western media often see their task as that of an independent Monitor. How true is this of the press elsewhere? LMU’s Thomas Hanitzsch, coordinator of a worldwide survey of journalists’ attitudes to their role, has the answer.

New MUM series

Socializing with sharks

When Oliver Jahraus visits the Maldive Islands or the atolls of Micronesia, he unpacks his wetsuit first, not his holiday reading. After all, as a literary scholar, he is familiar with the tale of Mack the Knife. – He comes for the sharks.

Occupational Psychology

The human factor

German bosses are “tough on the person”, says Felix Brodbeck. But what do workers really need to enable them to be most productive? Brodbeck, an occupational psychologist at LMU, can now measure the impact of high- and low-quality leadership.

Changing times for libraries

A new building for book-lovers

Libraries have been transformed in recent years. Planning for LMU’s new Philologicum, construction of which is scheduled to start next year, reflects this sea change. The new building located at Ludwigstrasse 25 will be a modern specialist library.

Research on Shakespeare

Who’s there?

How do Shakespeare’s plays strike us today? The dramatist was born all of 450 years ago, yet his plays – in ever new interpretations – remain vital. Literary scholars Tobias Döring and Andreas Höfele try to explain why.


The fascination of the ‘Urvogel’

LMU paleontologists have the privilege of working on fossils that are of particular evolutionary importance, and are among the most famous specimens ever discovered. One such species sheds light on the origin of feathers and avian flight.

New online tool

Career and vocation

Do you have what it takes to be a teacher? The Munich Center for Teacher Training (MZL) has developed an online assessment tool called SelF that helps people who are considering teaching as a career to answer that question.

Fighting leukemia

Saving lives between lectures

Since her grandfather died of leukemia, student Katharina Zech has been fighting a battle against blood cancer. Last year, the AIAS, the association she founded for the purpose, organized the largest search for stem-cell donors ever carried out at a university.

World Cup 2014

“They must show some spirit!”

Great show, and no make-believe: LMU sociologist and self-confessed football fan Armin Nassehi dissects the fascination of big sports events.

Education research

Powerpoint can reduce learning success

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to attend a lecture that doesn’t use Powerpoint slides. But do they make it easier to retain the substance of the talk? An interview with the educational researcher Christof Wecker.

Denkmal Demokratie

Under construction

Angela Merkel as a Greek goddess, Sokrates at the World Cup in Brazil. These are just two of the ideas developed by students for the Exhibition “Monument for Democracy”. The show is now open to the public.


All the world’s at lectures

LMU’s first four Massive Open Online Courses – including ones in Biology and Business Studies – went online last year, and were very well received worldwide. The new round of courses is now underway.

Theater art

Impromptu inventions

Whether crime story or the trials of a superhero – LMU student Tobias Zettelmeier and the other members of Bühnenpolka enjoy the challenge of improvising the characters they play at the behest of the audience.

Human Biology

The marks that mold us

The genetic code is not everything: Professor Heinrich Leonhardt is currently dissecting the epigenetic mechanisms that determine which genes are activated or repressed in each of the diverse cell types that make up multicellular organisms.

The RoboLaw Project

The Essence of the Machine

Software-based systems, autonomic machines and intelligent prosthetic devices are on the horizon. An EU-sponsored project plans to draw up a regulatory framework for robotics. The LMU philosophers involved are now analyzing the ethical implications.

"No bla bla!"

On planning work experience abroad, your application is crucial. Application letters written in English should be brief and to the point – and not only that, the LMU’s Jobline website has many practical tips and advice.

Germany Scholarship holder

From trackman to linguist

Yasar Aratemür’s story is a tale of determination, focus and successful integration – qualities that have won him a Germany Scholarship at LMU.

Diversity and LMU

Differences are enriching

“We seek to attract the best, with their diverse talents and personalities.” LMU Vice President Barbara Conradt explains what diversity means at LMU: Equity and inclusion, family-friendly structures, equality of opportunity.

Famous five for LMU student

Winner of the Games

The Paralympic Games 2014 are now history. The plane bringing the German team home from Sochi landed in Frankfurt last Monday, and on board was the most successful female participant of all.

Transforming media

The next chapter

The Leipzig Book Fair opens in a few days, and the impact of digitalization on the publishing business will be a hot topic in the exhibition halls. But book historian Christine Haug is not expecting the imminent demise of the printed book.

Multiplier program

Advocates of learning

LMU‘s Multiplier Program has sent out its first batch of graduates to act as advocates of learning in the Faculties. Their projects are designed to stimulate increased awareness of the importance of quality teaching.

LMU’s hidden nooks

Records of time past

Much of the material held by the Bavarian State Collections in Anthropology and Palaeoanatomy and the State Mineralogical Collection is stored in the LMU building on Theresienstrasse. The specimens offer unique glimpses of world history.

Islamic Studies

Illuminating snippets of history

A tax receipt from the 9th, and a marriage contract from the 11th century are two of the entries in a database of Arabic documents, which is being set up by LMU researchers, and throws new light on daily life in Egypt hundreds of years ago.

Education research

"Learn how to learn, then you can go far "

In the following interview, LMU psychologist Frank Fischer discusses the role of notecards in effective learning, when to take a break from cramming, and how to profit from failure.


At the museum, looking at atoms

To visit Christine Wamsley at work, take the route past the Viking ships and the aeroplanes. Christine is a Euroscholar, and is spending a semester with a research team at the end of a long corridor – in the Research Lab at the Deutsches Museum.

Accident research at LMU

Curbing traffic deaths

Wolfram Hell studies how – and why – traffic accidents occur. His goal is to find ways of reducing the number of fatal crashes by optimizing the efficiency of vehicle safety systems. But his findings don’t always find a receptive ear.

Our Digital Society

The Relentless Revolution

Digitalization, a product of advances in electronics, is transforming economic life. Information systems analyst Thomas Hess studies the diverse impacts of such technological innovation on different sectors of the economy.

Climate change and winter sports

When are the snows of next year?

Christmas in clover, Easter snowed over? Geographer Jürgen Schmude’s studies on the impact of climate change on winter sports suggest that, in future, optimal skiing conditions will occur less often...

The year in review

Spotlight on - 2013

Choosing memorable events for inclusion in a short review of 2014 at LMU means making tough choices. - For at such a large university, every day brings an item worthy of mention. But we’ve made our selection, and now turn the Spotlight on …

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