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Cooks on Campus

München, 08/14/2014

When you get home after a day filled with lectures, do you just shove the frozen pizza in the oven? In our new series “Cooks on Campus”, international students at LMU suggest much more exotic and tasty alternatives, as they share their favorite recipes with us.

Photo: Jiri Hera -

The new series “Cooks on Campus” takes you on a voyage around the culinary worlds to be found among LMU’s multinational student community. International students from all over the globe invite friends to sample their favorite dishes from home, and share their recipes with us. They also tell us a little about where they come from, recall the things that helped them adapt to their new environment when they first arrived at LMU, and talk about their favorite spots in and around Munich. LMU is on hand to watch them at work in the kitchen – noting their little tricks and collecting the recipes for the treats they prepare for their friends. “Cooks on Campus” is designed to serve as an online compendium of international recipes, and will also provide insights into other aspects of the diverse cultures from which LMU draws its students. In addition, the contributors share their early experiences in Munich with us, and they offer tips on things like finding friends in a strange city and how best to survive the challenges and stresses of one’s first semester in Munich.

Cooks on Campus

Cooks on Campus, Episode 1: Serbian Stuffed Courgettes and "Julia’s Cake"
Our expedition gets underway with a typical recipe from Serbia: Maša treats her guests to stuffed courgettes – a dish which is a regular feature of meals in her Serbian homeland. Maša is studying Physics at LMU, and has specifically invited Philipp, the coach assigned to her by the P2P Mentoring Program, to thank him for all the help he gave her during her first semester in Munich. To kick off the “Cooks on Campus” series, Maša has also prepared a classical Serbian dessert – a scrumptious raspberry tart. All Serbs love raspberries, and this cake doesn’t have any special name. “I just call it ‘Julia‘s cake’, simply because I got the recipe from a friend of that name,” Maša explains.

The next installment of “Cooks on Campus”, at the end of August, will feature a barbecue Am Flaucher, on the banks of the Isar.