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Some 150 different programs of study, ground-breaking research on problems of broad significance, and a lively and international student scene. - All this and more make LMU a real "universitas". And each week our homepage turns its "Spotlight" on one of the many facets of this cosmopolitan kaleidoscope.

Photo competition

Personal takes on LMU

How do members of LMU’s staff view their workplace? What do they find particularly appealing? Where are their favorite spots on campus? The photo competition “My LMU” yielded some arresting answers to these questions. See for yourself!

Ancient Egypt

From occupiers to neighbors

Some 3500 years ago, an Egyptian town was founded on an island in the Nile in what is now Sudan. LMU archaeologist Julia Budka’s work there shows how Egyptian immigrants and the local Nubians transformed it into a thriving community.


Running light around a tetrahedron

Thanks to an innovative ring laser design, geophysicists at LMU can now measure and monitor Earth’s rotation with unprecedented accuracy. The new instrument in Fürstenfeldbruck will be formally inaugurated this week.


The resurgence of populism

Populist parties have become a force to be reckoned with in many countries around the world. What explains this sudden, widespread re-emergence of political protest? Three LMU specialists explore the driving forces behind this development.

The Richard Strauss Edition

Magical moments among the staves

LMU musicologist Hartmut Schick is leading the effort to produce a modern edition of the works of Richard Strauss. The first volumes afford unique insights, and will inspire new interpretations.

Approaching exams

The fear that jeopardizes success

Some 30% of students – mainly females – suffer from excessive anxiety when confronted with the prospect of exams. The good news is that virtually all of them can be effectively helped. To find out how and where, read on.

Quincentennial of the Reformation

The modernization of Christianity

The Reformation that began 500 years ago initiated a momentous transformation in the history of Christianity. Here, LMU historian Professor Harry Oelke discusses the developments that it set in train.


Treasures from LMU’s collection

Centuries-old books, historical insignias, the bookmark that turned out to be a previously unknown copy of America’s “birth certificate” – these are among the treasures to be found in LMU’s collections. We introduce a small selection here.

Brexit’s aftermath

Brexit, higher education and research

What effects is Brexit likely to have on higher education and research in Europe? We put this question to LMU President Bernd Huber, and to members of LMU’s faculty and staff.

LMU on Instagram

Glimpses of university life

LMU’s Instagram account is only a fortnight old – and its growing archive already has striking perspectives to offer and intriguing stories to tell.

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