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Some 150 different programs of study, ground-breaking research on problems of broad significance, and a lively and international student scene. - All this and more make LMU a real "universitas". And each week our homepage turns its "Spotlight" on one of the many facets of this cosmopolitan kaleidoscope.

Contemporary history

Media and mise-en-scène

Historians at LMU are tracing the origins of modern high society. Their findings show that the basic principles that underlie Facebook’s business model and influencer-based marketing go back to the early years of the 20th century

DAAD Prize

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Back home in Syria, Samh Yousef could not have imagined that he would appear on German television. But those who set themselves a goal and steadfastly pursue it have already won half the battle.

Climate change

The burden of risk

Storm, flood, drought: With global warming, extreme events become more frequent and intense. They especially impact the poorest of the poor. Geographer Matthias Garschagen examines how urban societies can adapt to climate change.

Supramolecular Chemistry

Playing with Diverse Identities

Ivan Huc’s specialty might best be termed molecular mimicry. He designs and builds synthetic analogs of biomolecules that retain the essential features of their models, while exhibiting properties beyond those seen in nature.


Small distinctions, large effects

LMU developmental psychologist Antonia Misch studies how humans define themselves through their membership in social groups and how group membership influences their social behavior

International Day

Dispatches from LMU reporters

LMU students who spend time abroad act as foreign correspondents for those at home. On International Day, our LMU reporters have tips – and stories from “the great wide open”.

Lyrik Kabinett at 30

“I would prefer to be a poem”

Having organized 1200 events since 1989, while catering annually for the needs of 2000 users of its library, which comprises 63,000 media – Munich’s Lyrik Kabinett is Europe’s largest public collection devoted to international poetry.

Portrait: Désirée-Jessica Pély

“Be yourself!”

Inspired by her mother, Marta Pely, doctoral student Désirée-Jessica Pély firmly believes in the advancement of women. In this year’s LMU Photo Contest, she submitted a picture of Marta taken in 1983 – with the hashtag #FemaleConfidence …

Musical activities at LMU

“Freude, schöner Götterfunken...”

Choirs, chamber ensembles, orchestras – modern or classical: LMU students have many opportunities to display their musical talents – and many incentives to avail of these chances.

Artificial intelligence

Essential aides

Professor Julian Nida-Rümelin is analyzing the philosophical issues raised by AI and even theologians are caught up in the implications of AI.

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