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Doctoral research at LMU



With the aim of inspiring up-and-coming junior talents to take up research as a career, LMU offers them a wide range of assistance during the doctoral phase. The spectrum encompasses systematic support measures, individual advice on career planning, and the provision of optimal working conditions to facilitate the transition to a professional career as an independent researcher.

A wide range of choice

If you have shown evidence of outstanding talent in the course of your primary degree, you can choose to do a doctoral thesis in any of more than 100 subjects. You will find yourself in good company: LMU confers doctoral degrees on more than 1,000 doctoral candidates every year.

Individually supervised thesis projects

Choosing an individually supervised thesis project enables you to carry out your research with a high degree of autonomy and independence, and to write your doctoral thesis in close consultation with your academic supervisor.

Doctoral programs

LMU offers structured doctoral programs in fields ranging from Buddhism Studies to Neuroscience. Graduate students enrolled in these programs take a range of courses in their particular discipline and related fields. Each student is usually supervised by several faculty members.

Services for doctoral candidates

Doctoral candidates and their academic supervisors can also avail of the services provided by the Graduate Center, which serves as a central coordinating and service agency in all matters connected with doctoral studies at LMU.

The program STIBET Mentoring Scholarship Program has been established to assist international doctoral candidates and postdocs. LMU Munich maintains dedicated doctoral exchange programs with prestigious partners from all over the world.

Applying for doctoral studies at LMU

Information on how to enroll as an international doctoral candidate at LMU is available from the Guide for applying for doctoral studies (international applicants).