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The creative intelligence of junior academics is essential for an innovative university. LMU Munich therefore places particular emphasis on promoting the next generation of scholars. It offers dedicated fellowship programs, funding options and open positions in all disciplines to foster your talent, research and career development. In addition to the various opportunities provided by LMU's 18 Faculties, postdocs can also avail themselves of the following university-wide programs and services:

Incoming LMU Research Fellowship

Excellent postdocs who have recently completed their doctoral training at an academic institution abroad, and wish to pursue an independent research project at LMU, with the aim of enhancing their professional profile and expanding their network of collaborations, are invited to apply for an Incoming LMU Research Fellowship.

Outgoing LMU Research Fellowship

This program is designed for outstanding postdocs who have recently obtained their doctoral degrees and wish to strengthen their career profile by undertaking a 1- to 2-year research stay at an institution outside the boundaries of the European Union as part of their fellowship. The program also gives LMU doctorate holders the opportunity to apply for a fellowship.

Junior Researcher in Residence

The Junior Researcher in Residence program enables LMU's outstanding postdocs to devote a sabbatical term at the Center for Advanced Studies to the development of new directions in research.

Funding opportunities

LMU offers funding schemes designed to support its junior researchers, and provides assistance to academics in a variety of ways during the course of their research.


Experienced and supportive mentors serve as ideal role models for talented junior researchers, and can provide guidance on all aspects of building a professional career. LMU‘s Mentoring Program is dedicated to helping junior academics, especially emerging female academics, to rise to faculty rank.

Personal development

LMU supports the personal development and career progression of its junior researchers by providing a wide range of professional training options.

Relocation Services

The "LMU Gateway" Office assists new international academic staff and their families in all matters related to their relocation to Munich.

Dual Career Service

LMU’s Dual Career Service provides career assistance for partners of new academic staff members at LMU.

Young Center at CAS

Postdocs who have obtained prestigious research awards or fellowships enjoy the advantages of membership in the Young Center at LMU’s Center for Advanced Studies.