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Tenure Evaluation: Performance Criteria

Research Performance

  • Publications: number and volume of publications; frequency of citations; significance of the publishing journals in their individual fields of research
  • Funding grants and other awards
  • Research awards

Teaching Performance

  • Teaching experience: duration and thematic breadth
  • Faculty evaluation of the candidate’s teaching performance
  • Presentation of the candidate’s teaching portfolio and/or selected teaching materials
  • Number of theses supervised
  • Teaching awards

Further Performance Indicators

  • Promotion of junior academics
  • List placements in appointment procedures to a professorship at other universities
  • Invitations to guest professorships or other guest teaching formats at other higher education institutions
  • Invitations to talks and/or invitations to convene scientific formats at national/ international conferences
  • Membership in scientific committees, expert panels, advisory boards, associations and societies
  • Activities as a scientific reviewer or expert
  • Editions of international academic journals
  • Organization of international conferences