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The experience of moving to a new location - especially to a new country - is very exciting, though finding accommodation is always a main concern. Searching for a new home is often challenging, even overwhelming at times. Therefore, it is important to approach your search with an open mind, realizing that your new environment is somewhat different. Patience and the willingness to make compromises, as well as a sense of humor, are all important tools in making this experience an enjoyable adventure.

We recommend having a look at the following links, where you can find an interactive city map and webcam images of our beautiful City of Munich!

Please find below a list of commonly asked questions:

1. How can I find accommodation in Munich?

Online property portals are very useful when searching for an apartment, especially if you are not yet in Munich.  Please find below a list of websites that can aid you in your search. Since the majority of these sites are in German, we have prepared a list of useful abbreviations and vocabulary, as well as a short description of Munich's city districts.

Newspaper advertisements are a great source when looking for property in Munich. Here is a list of newspapers and times of when they publish classified sections. These advertisements can be found online, as well. Placing an advertisement has also proven to be successful.

2. Are there any apartments specifically for LMU staff?

  • LMU Munich Apartments - LMU Munich has a small number of apartments (DE) available for rent. Please contact us if you have any questions about the application process.
  • Civil Servants' Apartments (Staatsbedienstetenwohnungen) - All employees of the Free State of Bavaria have the opportunity to apply for a civil servant's apartment from the Wohnungsfürsorgestelle (DE) des Landesamtes für Finanzen. For more information or questions on this option, refer to their website or contact us.

3. Is short-term housing available?

Accommodation agencies, such as the ones listed below, can be used to find short term housing and are usually furnished. If they succeed in finding suitable accommodation, they charge a non-recurring fee determined by the service provider, which is usually based on the length of your stay.

4. Do I need additional insurance when renting an apartment?

Liability Insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung), which covers damage or personal injury due to your own negligence, is highly advisable. Household Insurance (Hausratversicherung) covers the contents of your home against cases of fire, water damage, vandalism, theft, hail etc. and is also recommended.

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