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In the Federal Republic of Germany, health insurance (Krankenversicherung) is mandatory and proof of adequate coverage must be presented when applying for a visa. Visa requirements differ from nation to nation; therefore, we ask you to please refer to section on "Visas" to find out more on this topic, so that you can make the necessary preparations for you and your family prior to your arrival in Munich.

If you are coming here based on an employment contract, you are required to have a policy with an insurance provider licensed in Germany. Please be aware that most insurance policies do not cover preexisting conditions or their related medication; therefore, you should seek consultation before closing a new contract for medical coverage.

Health insurance must cover the following:

  • doctor and dentist treatment
  • supply of medication, dressing and aid
  • hospital treatment
  • medical services for rehabilitation
  • assistance through pregnancy and labor

The websites below offer additional information on the various types of insurance in Germany and/or a selection of providers and consultancies:

  • Make-it-in-Germany - description of different types of insurance in Germany
  • City of Munich (DE) - list of insurance companies and types of services offered
  • Euraxess - general information for mobile scientists coming to and leaving Germany, including information on health and other types of insurance

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