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Learning German


Whether or not your doctorate requires knowledge of German, learning some basic German or taking your language skills to the next level has many advantages.

Five reasons for learning German:

  • It makes navigating everyday life easier, especially in encounters with locals who don’t speak English.
  • It can open doors to friendships with Germans, making you feel more at home here.
  • It helps you understand German culture and gives you an insight into the German way of life.
  • It can open up long-term opportunities in Germany, especially if you want to find employment here.
  • German language skills may also be useful when you return to your home country, especially if you intend to work in an international environment.

Even if you are completing your doctorate in German and your language level is already quite high, you may benefit from specialized classes in academic language and writing.

Learning German at Deutschkurse bei der Universität München e.V.

On behalf of LMU Munich, the language teaching center Deutschkurse bei der Universität München e.V. offers high-quality German classes at student-friendly prices. The classes are open to international students and visiting scholars. 

German classes are offered at different course levels, from complete beginner to advanced learner. There are intensive courses during the day and in the evening, as well as special courses on grammar, conversation, and pronunciation. Doctoral candidates who are carrying out their research in German can choose from various semester courses focusing on German as a scientific language, academic writing, and presentation skills (German during your studies).

If you are interested in taking a German class, please visit the website of Deutschkurse bei der Universität München e.V. There, you can also find more information on the courses on offer, prices, and registration.

Online German Courses at Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO)

Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO) offers online German courses for students and academics. You can choose from various courses levels (A1 to C1) with a focus on everyday student life and academic language. You can also choose the level of support you need. Most courses can be taken independently without a tutor, but you also have the option to study with the help of a tutor.

Courses take place entirely online, and learning materials have been developed in cooperation with LMU. Enrolled students and employees at LMU can receive a discount.

If you are interested in taking a course at DUO, please contact the LMU Gateway team for further information.