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Residence Registration & Moving In




 Quick Facts:

Residence Registration

  • You are required to register with the local authorities within two weeks after your arrival in Munich.
  • For registration, you will require your landlord's written confirmation (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) that you are the tenant.

Moving In

  • Make sure you understand your rental contract before signing and that you receive a handover protocol from your landlord when moving in.
  • Your landlord will ask you to pay a deposit for your rental property. Make sure you understand the conditions.

Residence Registration (Wohnsitz anmelden)

Within two weeks of your arrival in Munich, you are required to register your place of residence with the local authorities. Registration takes place at the Residence Registration Office (Bürgerbüro) in the Department of Public Order (Kreisverwaltungsreferat/KVR). You can check the City of Munich website (DE) to find out which registration office is closest to your new address. If you live outside of the city boundaries, the local town hall (Rathaus) will be responsible for your registration.

Please note that you have to make an online appointment (DE) for your registration. As slots tend to fill up quickly, you should arrange an appointment as soon as possible. New slots can open up at short notice and are usually made available 30 minutes before the Bürgerbüro opens its doors.

Documents required for registration

  • Valid passport or identification card
  • Completed registration form with your signature
  • Written confirmation by your landlord (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)

These required forms are available for download on the City of Munich website.

After you have registered, you will receive a written confirmation called “Meldebescheinigung”. Please keep this important document, as you will need it to apply for your residence permit.

NOTE: Remember to put your name on your mailbox, as your life-long tax-identification number will be mailed to you by the Residence Registration Office after you have registered.

If you move to a different address during your stay, you will have to notify the authorities about your move and register your new address.

When leaving Munich, you will need to de-register

Moving In

Here are the most important facts around moving into your new home:

  • Ask your landlord to fill out the written confirmation for your tenancy (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung).
  • In some cases, the landlord expects you to have a private liability insurance to cover damages to the rental property.
  • Before signing a rental contract, please make sure you understand all terms and conditions.
  • You will have to pay a deposit (usually amounting to two to three months' rent) to the landlord, which will be returned to you when you move out, according to the conditions stated in the contract.
  • During the handover process, you and your landlord will fill out a handover protocol, which documents the state of the property at the time of the handover. It is important the protocol is filled out accurately, so that any preexisting damage will not be held against you and deducted from your deposit when you move out again. You may even want to take photos of any preexisting damages in the apartment.
  • Make sure you receive a copy of the handover protocol as this is generally part of your rental contract.
  • Waste management in Germany has a very high standard with the objective to recycle where possible. The cost for waste collection is normally included in your utility costs (Nebenkosten). Every city district also has recycling stations (Wertstoffinseln), where residents can bring their recyclable materials.

Registering with utility companies

  • Ask your landlord who will contact the utility companies to notify them of the change in tenant.
  • The utility companies need to be informed about the new tenant and the meter readings for electricity, gas and in some cases water.
  • There is a municipal provider (Stadtwerke München) in Munich, as well as a wide variety of other providers which you can research and compare online.

Registering for telephone, TV, and internet services

  • Once you have moved into your new place, you will need to register for the Broadcasting License Fee (Rundfunkbeitrag). Every household in Germany has to pay a fixed monthly rate for public television and radio broadcasting.
  • There are many different communication service providers, so it is important to first evaluate your needs and to compare the different offers before making a decision.

NOTE: Please be aware of the minimum contract terms and cancellation policies!


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