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Quick Facts:

  • LMU Munich is home to over 50,000 students spread across four campus locations. There are two general academic libraries, 13 subject libraries, eight canteens, and seven cafés around campus.
  • The LMUcard for students and employees serves as your library card. You can get it once you have received your LMU user identification.
  • The Mensa Card allows you to pay cash-free at the university canteens. It can also be used to pay at the photocopiers in the libraries.

LMU Campus

LMU Munich consists of four different campus sites, which are spread across the city center and the outskirts of Munich.

The main campus of LMU Munich is located in the city center, where you can also find the historic main building. Most of the Social Sciences and Humanities are based here, as well as central services such as LMU Gateway, the International Office, and the Main Library.

All locations can be reached by public transportation (directions). If you are looking for a specific room in a particular building, the site map (DE) is quite helpful and even includes an interactive room

University Library

LMU University Library offers an extensive network of 15 libraries as well as access to other local and state libraries.

The LMU library system consists of the Main University Library (Zentralbibliothek), the Central Textbook Collection (Zentrale Lehrbuchsammlung), and thirteen Subject Libraries.

Most of the libraries’ inventory can be searched via the online catalogue OPAC. The rules for borrowing media differ from library to library, so make sure to find out in advance whether you can take a book home. You will also need an LMUcard (for LMU students and employees) or a library card (for everyone else) to borrow media.

More information on borrowing media

The Main Library and the Subject Libraries also provide free workspaces, where you can do your reading in quiet surroundings, work on your own laptop, or use the university’s desktop computers. You can also print, scan, and copy material on the available machines using your Mensa Card.

More information on studying at the library

If you need help navigating the LMU library system, the University Library also offers guided tours and trainings to help you dive into your research as quickly as possible.

NOTE: There are some restrictions on what you can bring along into the library. In general, food and drinks are prohibited, except for water. You should also carry your belongings in a clear plastic bag so that the contents are visible. Lockers are provided to stow everything you don’t need in the library. These rules are in place to protect the books from being stolen or damaged, so don’t take it personally!



There are eight student canteens (called Mensa) and seven cafés (StuBistros, StuCafés) located in the main university buildings on the different campuses.

The canteens offer lunch at a reasonable price for students and employees. You can choose from a selection of main courses, a salad bar, desserts, and beverages (not all canteens may have all options). The cafés not only sell hot drinks and sweets, but also small snacks such as sandwiches or pretzels.

The canteens and cafés are cash-free. Therefore, you need to get a Mensa Card (official name: Legic Card) at one of the Student Union Infopoints before you can purchase something. Once you have a Mensa Card, you can load it with money at one of the self-service machines in the

Support Services

LMU Munich offers different support services for various purposes, ranging from issues concerning your doctoral studies to personal counseling services. They can help you to overcome any challenges you might face and make the best out of your experience here.

  • Graduate Center: the central unit for issues related to doctoral studies. Offers individual counseling services as well as regular workshops and events.
  • Career Service: offers career advice and courses to develop soft skills as well as job listings.
  • Intercultural Counseling: offers advice on cultural differences and how to overcome them. Also organizes workshops and an informal “Stammtisch” meet-up.
  • Psychosocial and Psychotherapeutic Advice Service: offered by the Munich Student Union, this service allows you to talk to an experienced psychologist about your personal and study-related problems.
  • Studying with a Disability: offers assistance with questions about studying at LMU with a disability, chronic, or mental illness.
  • Studying while Parenting: helps you to succeed both as a parent and a student at LMU Munich.

NOTE: To use some of these services, you may need to be a registered student. For LMU employees, a range of services such as professional training or counseling are listed in the Serviceportal. Please note that not all services may be offered in English. If in doubt, just ask the particular support service for more information.


Student Groups

There are numerous international, humanitarian, religious, and career-focused student groups for you to join if you are looking to meet new people. Most of them are open to both undergraduate and graduate German and international students. Some groups organize activities, trips, and workshops for socializing and discovering new places. So it’s up to you to find something that interests you. An overview of student groups can be found here. If you are unsure whether you can join a particular student group as a doctoral candidate, just contact them and ask!top

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