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Student Registration


Quick Facts:

  • If not required by your department or program (specified in the doctoral degree regulations), registration is optional.
  • You can register for a maximum of six semesters. Registration needs to be proactively renewed every semester.
  • If you have not completed your doctoral degree after six semesters, you can continue without being registered. However, you will not have student status anymore.
  • A semester fee applies for registration.

Do I Have to Register as a Student?

In general, registration is not mandatory for doctoral candidates, unless it is specified otherwise in your doctoral degree regulations. For example, you may be required to register for at least two semesters at any time during your doctoral studies. If it is optional, you may consider the advantages of registering, which grants you student status:

  • You receive a student ID (LMUcard), which includes a basic public transportation ticket (valid from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekdays and the whole day on the weekend). You are also eligible to purchase an additional semester ticket which is valid at all times.
  • You can eat for reduced prices at the university canteens and cafés.
  • You can participate in university sports at a reduced rate.
  • Many cultural institutions like museums have reduced entrance fees for students.

Where and When can I Register?

Registration is done via the International Office after you have been admitted to your desired doctoral studies by the respective doctoral committee. For applying at the International Office, please follow the steps in the application guide for doctoral studies.

The application deadline is January 15 / July 15, respectively, for the following semester, and you can apply by mail or in person. Extended deadlines apply for doctoral candidates, which can be looked up here (FAQ number 2). If your application is successful, you will receive a university admission notice. Then you can officially register at the International Office in person. This is possible until the end of October/April for the respective semester.

If you have any questions regarding your registration, please contact or visit the International Admissions Office.

Next Steps After Registration

Once you have successfully registered and paid the mandatory semester fee, you will receive your LMU user identification (DE), which you need to activate to access your LMU user account. Your identification also gives you access to your university email account, WiFi, and computers.

Once you have access to your LMU user account, you can request an LMUcard online, which serves as your student ID. You will need to provide a photo, which will appear on your card. Once your request has been approved, you can pick it up and validate it at the IT service desk.

NOTE: The LMUcard also serves as your basic public transportation ticket and your library card. But even without an LMUcard, you can still apply for a library card at the information desk of the Main Library.

How do I get my LMU user identification if I’m not registered?

If you are employed at LMU, you just need to contact the IT service desk (DE) to activate your LMU user identification, which should be given to you on your first day. Once you have access to your LMU user account, you can request an LMUcard for employees online (through the “Serviceportal”).

Even if you are neither registered as a student nor employed at LMU, you can still get an LMU user identification. In this case, you need to complete an application form (DE, under Promovierende), which includes a passage for your department to confirm that you are an affiliated doctoral candidate.

How Do I Continue my Registration Each Semester?

If you want to continue your registration the following semester, you need to apply proactively by transferring the semester fee before the deadline. If you do not want to continue your registration, you will be automatically de-registered, losing your student status for the following semester.

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