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Biergarten Event July 2019

We have reserved an exclusive space in Chinesischer Turm, one of the biggest and most famous beer gardens in Englischer Garten, Munich’s largest public park.

In sweltering temperatures, an international team of scientists and their partners came together here to discover a real Bavarian tradition in the shade of old chestnut trees: you bring your own food, share it with all the other people at your table, and buy drinks from the host.
This custom has been around since the 19th century, when freshly brewed beer could only be cooled in the beer cellars on the slopes of the Isar. King Ludwig I permitted the direct sale of beer in and in front of the cellars, but not the serving of food, which had to be brought along. And that’s exactly what the participants of the LMU Gateway Biergarten Event did. While enjoying culinary delights, the newly arrived scientists got to know each other and new networks were formed.
Thank you for coming along! We are already looking forward to welcoming you again at one of our next events.

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