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Pick up cookbook March 2019

After several months of work that included collecting recipes, choosing designs, writing, proofreading, and of course extensive test cooking, the truly intercultural and authentic LMU Gateway Cookbook has finally been delivered to our office!

To celebrate the conclusion of our latest intercultural project and say a big thank you to everyone who participated, we welcomed our international scientists turned cookbook authors, together with their partners, to a food-inspired networking event on March 21.

Cultural rituals and celebrations are usually centered around food as it is an essential part of life. Food is also a vehicle for social interaction, for expressing friendship, and for smoothing social intercourse. It plays a huge role in every culture, so one way of experiencing and connecting with other cultures is via their cuisines.

35 international scientists and their partners were kind enough to share their favorite national dish—their taste of home—with us. We hope that this international cookbook will promote diversity as well as sharing culinary traditions.






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