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General Information: Leaving Munich

Preparing to repatriate can be quite challenging with long lists of administrative tasks on both personal and professional levels. To ease the process, we would like to offer you a short checklist of the most important aspects to consider when preparing to return to your home country or move on to a new location.

Before leaving, please do not forget to:

  • Give written notice to your landlord, usually 3 months in advance, though notice periods vary so inform yourself well
  • Cancel all utilities and services registered in your name, pay close attention to notice periods, cancellation of services is usually required in writing
  • Deregister with local authorities at the Bürgerbüro, KVR for Munich residents
  • Collect any records/documents you may need in future, e.g. medical records, transcripts if you have school age children, certificates, etc.

Would you like to establish contact with alumni associations in your new destination? If so, please send us a short e-mail with valid contact details and information on your arrival to your new destination and we would be glad to initiate the process for you!


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