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EU projects at LMU Munich

  1. Horizon 2020
  2. Former Framework Research Programmes
  3. Other EU Research Programmmes

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the current EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, with ca. 75 billion euros of funding available over 7 years (2014-2020). As of now LMU scientists have participated in this programme with a total of 213 projects and retained funding of approx. 180 million euros (LMU-share). These projects include 102 international collaborative projects, 7 of which were coordinated at LMU. LMU scientists participated particularly successful in calls of the European Research Council (ERC, 74 projects) as well as in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie-Programme (73 projects).

(Reference date: July 2020)


EU Projects in Horizon 2020 at the LMU:


Excellent Science


Industrial Leadership


Societal Challenges




Former Framework Research Programmes

7th EU Framework Research Programme

The 7th EU Framework Research Programme (FP7) ran from 2007 until 2013 with a total funding volume of 54.4 billion euros. Academics at LMU Munich participated in 225 projects very successfully and, according to the current status of contracts, obtained grants amounting to a total of 131.8 million euros (LMU share). LMU’s success rate was at an average of 24.8% and therefore significantly higher than the average achieved by German universities (21.52%).

FP7 was divided into four specific programmes:
(budget acquired by LMU in brackets)

  • Cooperation (€40,9 million)
    Collaborative projects with European format
  • Ideas/ERC (€72.9 million)
    Excellence funding by European Research Council
  • People/Marie Curie Actions Scheme (€14.1 million)
    Support of mobility, in particular for early career researchers
  • Capacities (€3.3 million)
    Funding of research infrastructure

With 38 ERC projects (14 Starting Grants and 24 Advanced Grants) LMU Munich has acquired the highest number of ERC grants among German universities so far. With its number of acquired ERC grants LMU Munich ranks eleventh within Europe.

With 66 projects LMU Munich is leader in the Marie Curie Actions scheme in Germany as well.

In the programme of “Cooperation” LMU Munich was involved in a total of 95 projects, the university held the role of coordinator in 14 of these projects. Here particularly strong areas were medicine and biotechnology, information and communication technology, nanosciences as well as environmental sciences. But with two coordinated projects LMU Munich was also successfully represented in the field of social sciences and humanities.

Taking all collaborative projects into account (i.e. not only “Cooperation”), LMU’s excellent international networking becomes apparent. LMU Munich was involved in 147 international collaborative projects, in 22 of these projects the university held the role of coordinator. Here LMU cooperated with more than 900 academic partners in Europe (all EU countries are represented) as well as with more than 100 non-European academic partners. The number of partners from private enterprises exceeds 200.

With regard to the acquired budget, LMU Munich ranks second in the university sector based on this result, it even ranks first among full universities in Germany. In total, LMU Munich is the only full university among the five most successful institutions in Germany (Fraunhofer, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, DLR, TU München, LMU Munich).

(updated in July 2014)


EU projects at LMU Munich within FP7:

The above EU projects include the following coordinated EU projects at LMU Munich within FP7:

Framework Research Programme 6

The previous 6th Framework Research Programme (2002-2006) had a total budget of 17.5 billion euros. LMU Munich was involved in over 120 projects within FP6, with a total funding of 42 million euros. The university held the function of coordinator in 20 of these projects. Therefore, LMU Munich acquired the largest number of coordinated projects among all German universities within FP6.

Other EU Research Programmes

In addition, LMU Munich is involved in EU projects funded by sources outside the Framework Research Programmes.

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