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Daycare and kindergarten

Kindergartens are available for children aged three to six, but places are hard to get, and in a major city like Munich you must expect to be put on a waiting list. Preference is given to children whose parents both work. Usually, children attend between 8 a.m. and noon. Some kindergartens also offer afternoon daycare from 1 to 5 p.m., though these places are especially scarce.

It can be even harder to find daycare for children under three years of age. Places in nursery schools, so-called Kinderkrippen, that accept children from three months to three years are very scarce, and there are long waiting lists. A nanny or child minder (Tagesmutter) who looks after your child individually can be found in want ads or through the Jugendamt, the youth welfare office.

As a visiting scholar you are also entitled to get assistance in finding daycare for your children from the LMU Familienservice. Babysitters who only look after your children for a few hours a day or in the evening are best found by asking colleagues or neighbors.

For more information

You can get detailed information about kindergartens and daycare options as well as a list of addresses at the Stadtjugendamt. In order to enroll your children at a kindergarten, you must contact it directly.

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